Natural Disasters... and not so much...

Living in Texas provides for an entertaining view of the weather. Much like Ohio, it can (and does) change on a whim. It's often said that if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it'll change. Boy does it ever.

Lately, over the last few weeks we've had torrential rain storms, tornadoes, flooding, and lots of beautiful sunshine. Last night we had another big storm. In our surrounding area there was some damange, but fortunately no casualites. Whew!

Growing up, I would have run like mad at the sound of a "severe weather" siren. When we lived in Wichita Falls, Texas (that would be the only stint I had of living in the US while growing up) we had a tornado shelter in our back yard. I can't remember how many times we were woken up in the middle of the night by my mother, directing us to the shelter for safety. I can recall seeing tornado damage on a few seperate occasions (and destinctly when a tornado destroyed the base swimming pool. Man, that sucked).

However, as an adult, I don't even hear the sirens. Most times, I'll catch someone else noticing that the sirens are going off - and they continue on their merry way.

Last night, as the sirens were going off, Pam stopped me from what i was doing and directed me into the bathroom (by the way, the loo's at The Scrapbook Pad are decorated ever so lovely thanks to Jeanie's brilliant style). It reminded me of my mom and her waking me up to direct me to safety. Thanks, Pam! My fabulous and oh so wonderful friend, Heather B. called me a few times to make sure I knew about the impending weather, how to react should I see a funnel cloud, and just to make sure I was safe. Seriously - she's an awesome friend. I got to spend some time hanging out and hunkering down with Jeanie, Katie (who was totally into her favorite magazine "Mental Floss" - note to self: check out that mag. It sounds hilarious!), Madison (who is so drop dead gorgeous - she's going to have a blast at college!), and Pam at the Pad. I think a good time was had by all - especially since I had chocolate chewie cookies from Market Street.

Seriously, cookies make everything better.

In the end, I'm safe, Steve's safe. Both of the kids (Thomas and Kimberlee) are safe. None of our homes have any damage. The only discomfort I experienced was that I needed to stay at the store a bit longer than I had planned, and thus Steve didn't get the lunch I had for him. And, the road I take home was flooded out so I had to take another path. It's all good.

I know there is a fantastic moral to this story. Something about free agency, heeding warnings (sirens), and being guided (my mother) but I have to give it some thought.

In not so natural disaster news....

As my mother can attest I love to color my hair. I've done it for years - both on my own and with a stylist. I've had almost every color of hair in the rainbow (Many times not on purpose. Mom, do you remember the rock star halloween costume year that the colored mousse didn't wash out? Oh the blues and greens!). I took many cosmotology classes in school and did quite well with color units - loved them.

Since trying to be budget savvy - I thought I'd go back in time to refresh my hair coloring skills on my own hair. (Of course, under the direction of a not living close, but oh so fabulous and awesome hair stylist)

Bad idea.



I did it. And while it was a really fun color of red (think dark cherry red), it didn't have even coverage - and it wasn't a good color for me.

People laughed at work.

Steve said "I can't really tell a difference".

I told him he wouldn't notice a difference even if I colored it neon green (not true, but you get the point).

I called my stylist, Cedric.

Cedric will now be called Cedric the Fabulous.

I was able to get into see him, and he sprinkled some magic on my hair.

It's got an even color now.

But, it's really dark.


I'm talking REALLY dark as compared to where it was before I put Garnier into it.


I could be a vampire for Halloween.

Too bad Halloween is just over 5 months away.

The not so natural lesson learned by me;

Cedric (or another like qualified color expert/artiste/professional) is the only person who should be applying any color to my hair.

Feel free to laugh.

But not where I can see you. :)

Expedits, Boxes, & Bins... OH MY!

So, with the upcoming Garage Sale over at The Scrapbook Pad - coupled directly with our recent move, I've been going through my art studio. I thought it would be a brilliant way to knock out two birds with one stone.

One being packing up my stuff and moving it.

The other being selling supplies I'm not using, have never used, and may not ever use in my lifetime.

I have way too many art supplies.

But, I love them.

My new studio will ROCK. Seriously. ROCK.

I've always been a huge fan of IKEA and their Expedit system. I had the small unit, and now I have the large unit too! I now have 41 cubes of storage space waiting for me to fill with my art toys. Most of it is sorted into various Kassette boxes and Lekman bins. Man, I love IKEA.


Holy Happy Day!

I can't wait to share photos of my new space. It's totally inspired by Donna Downey's Studio. It's even the same units - but in a different color. (Plus, since there's an IKEA in Frisco, we didn't have to pay shipping - whew!) Talk about fun organization plan!

Of course, that will mean I've actually gotten it moved from the old space. Which, of course is a serious task in itself.



It took me two days to find the time to read it all (breaks here and there at work) but the results of this article/expiriment are amazing. Seriously amazing. I don't want to ruin the outcome for you, so I'll post later this week with my thoughts. Seriously... take some time and read it through.

I'm interested in hearing your opinion about the results. Seriously.

We're In!... and other rambling thoughts

We did it! Well, with a lot of incredible assistance that is! Last week, Steve started taking boxes of stuff to the new house. By the time Saturday morning rolled around, there wasn't a whole lot to load onto the truck - other than furniture. So, in one happy truck load it was accomplished.

We missed the race traffic. The weather storms came Friday (more on that later), so we didn't have any problems on Saturday. The truck was back to the rental station by noon - how's that for amazing? GO Steve-o!

We're working on unpacking and getting settled into the new house.

You know, I didn't realize how much work it would be. And, you know when you go house hunting, you don't notice the little really minor things that are going to need to be fixed. Or the little idiosyncracies.

For instance, I would never have thought to measure the space needed for the refrigerator door to open (now it barely ... and I mean BARELY) clears the kitchen unmovable island.

I never would have thought to measure the space needed for the washing machine to get upstairs, or the space needed for the front loading door to open (again, more on that later).

I wouldn't have thought to check out the drains and shower heads in the bathrooms, or the flushing knobs on the toilets. I (obviously NOT logically) assumed they'd be fine. Wrong. The guess shower head literally broke right off, and the master shower head is on it's way. The drain in the guest bathroom is grossly corroded and loaded with hair (eeewwww). The master toilet flushing thingie (by the way, that's the Heather technical term) broke off. There is more.. but why remind myself. The house is starting to remind me of the movie "The Money Trap".

We are happy to be in our new house, despite the ordeal the weekend has become. All we can do is laugh at the things that go wrong at this point because we're beyond being upset or mad. Lowe's will become our close, intimate friend - I can already tell.

So... onto other (some related, some not) topics and rambling Heather thoughts...
  • Will I ever see myself as not fat? I realize I have lost a lot of weight. Today, I fit into my first pair of single digit sized pants ever. EVER. But, when I look at my reflection in the windows or mirrors, all I see is saddle bags, saggy pooch, thighs and bum! I know I'm thinner. Considerably even. Am I alone in these thoughts - or does everyone judge themselves to a differant scale?
  • We need to buy a new washer. This is incredibly frustrating and most of all irritating. Seriously. We only bought our current washer a few months ago. However, after Steve and Chris spent 6 hours lugging it up and getting it installed into our second story laundry room (there were other things they did too - not just lugging) we realized this weekend that because of the kind it is (front loading, high efficiency, etc) it's not made for a second story laundry room. In fact, when it spins, you can feel it throughout the whole house. After a trip to Lowe's to find out what we can do to remedy the situation, we've learned that the machine we have won't work well in a second story laundry room. So... we're going to try and sell it so that we can purchase the new one. Well, in reality we're buying the new one regardless. We need to sell the old new one so that we can offset the purchase. Laundry is important you know. Especially when you get down to your emergency underwear. Seriously.
  • Sleep is fabulous, but overrated. Seriously. I'm not much of a sleeper. I can get by with little to no sleep. Most nights, I sleep for about 5 hours and everything is wonderful. When I crash though - I crash hard. Seriously. And it's fabulous.
  • On Saturday, April 28th there's going to be a scrapbooking garage sale over at The Scrapbook Pad. I have SO much to to do so that my stuff can be ready. It's going to ROCK. So, if you're looking for some great deals on scrapbooking stuff be sure to stop by! The sale will be going from 10am - 2pm. (AND... We're also hosting Amanda Dykan for a book signing from 12-2pm. If that wasn't fabulous enough, the Maya Road Design Team is going to be doing the Make and Take from 1pm - 2pm! Seriously... The Scrapbook Pad rocks at events!)
  • My studio has not been moved yet? Why you ask? Because I need space to go through everything to get ready for the garage sale. It's going to be done this weekend (I hope) and man, my new room is going to rock for my creativity! You'll have to come over and play!
  • Silver Bella! Do you remember how much fun I had last year? Seriously. It rocked. I was sick, but it ROCKED. The Bella instructors were amazing, the projects were fabulous, and I created some of the best friendships. I even got to meet some of my online friends for the first time IRL! I can't wait for this year!

I have lots of other rambling thoughts stuck in my head at the moment. However, those are the only ones I can somewhat coherently share at the moment. Too much moving around in my brain.


Have you ever read about someone, perhaps a celebrity, a neighboring person, or just someone from the other side of the planet, who completely suprises you and you find completely fascinating?

Mark Cuban is one of those people for me.


I know he's a wild card (which honestly I think ROCKS). But he's also brilliant, educated, entertaining, hard working, interesting, and crazy.


I know you all think I'm strange (which is totally okay too), but I do.

Maybe it's because I seriously took note of him and his "works" when he bought the Dallas Mavericks on my 27th birthday. Maybe it's because my father has been a Mav's fan for a long while.

I don't know why. I watched every episode of his TV show "The Benefactor" that aired. I found it SO enlightening - and suprising. You never knew what decision was going to come next, who was going to get fired, and there was no rhyme or reason to it. I loved that I had to think about it, and every time I realized that his choices were how it would happen in REAL life. Not in TV show life. Seriously.

Whenever I find an article about him, I read it multiple times. Seriously.

I love that when he's fined for his outlandish and HILARIOUS outbursts during games, he matches the fine and gives it to charity (granted, from what I understand the actual fine is generally less than what they're initially penalized. But, it's HIS money and he doesn't have to do it.). I think it's pretty dang cool.

I think it rocks that he worked at Dairy Queen - and that he admitted it was harder to make a dipped cone than he thought.

I think the things he's accomplished in his life are amazing. Seriously. How many people do you know of who have created and sold multi-million dollar companies - multiple times? Seriously.

I don't know why I decided to share my fascination with Mark Cuban, but it's there.


We Did It!

Mission accomplished! We closed on the house yesterday morning - and received the keys shortly thereafter. WOW... such a surreal experience! I can't believe we've actually made it this far, and that house hunting is officially FINISHED! Seriously! Yay!

Steve and I made a trip to IKEA yesterday to scope out a few new things we'd like to eventually purchase. Of course, our trip wouldn't be complete with out their hot dogs (seriously. They're YUM-O! You must try them!).

We came home and I took a nap while Steve tinkered around and started loading boxes into his truck. Now, if that isn't a switch I don't know what is. I'm usually the one on the go and Steve's taking it easy. I must admit, napping was uber delightful!

So, the moving journey has started. Steve's master plan is to have the kitchen stuff moved ASAP so that we won't have to eat out anymore. At first I thought it was because he was tired of fries and burgers (hello dude, there ARE other things to eat on the menu). However, he admitted he missed my cooking - how sweet! So, with any luck, I'll unpack and organize the kitchen tonight and will fix our first dinner in it soon thereafter.

We're planning to do most of the move on Saturday from 10am - 3:30pm - we figured using that schedule would miss most of the race traffic. Our church friends have graciously offered to coe and help up. What a blessing! We're planning to have plenty of sodas and water there and of course pizza and cookies for lunch (we couldn't let anyone leave hungry!). So, if you're free Saturday afternoon - stop by! We'd love to have you join us (and of course ask your assistance in moving a few boxes. tee hee hee).

After that, we'll be focusing our energies on getting our current (soon to be "old") house on the market and sold. Ooooh what fun!

In other news, I had a lovely Easter "suprise". As I bit into a piece of Easter candy, my crown fell out. Seriously. Lovely, eh? So, tommorrow I get to spend time with my dentist's office getting it fixed. Talk about fun, eh?

But, a sweet friend of mine from The Scrapbook Pad, Tree needs to finish up her massage therapy internship this week. So, she offered me a two hour massage FREE! YAY! Seriously! How divine?? Her husband was recently offered a new position with a new airline - so she's leaving us. I'm pretty bummed actually. She's such a fun person with an incredible positive spirit. But, email will keep us in touch which is a good thing.

Make it a great day!

Less Than 48 Hours to Go!

WOW... time REALLY does fly by when you're not paying attention (or doing what you should be doing versus what you WANT to be doing) doesn't it?

We have the cashiers check for our closing costs and down payment. WOW. That's a BIG chunk of money. Seriously.

It stresses me out.

I could buy a LOT of really fun things with that much money. (Not that Steve-o would EVER let me in any DREAM of my imagination. Nor do I need any additional supplies or items to hoard - not even in the deepest recesses of my imagination could I justify it. However, I'm sure I'd have a jovial time trying!)

Not a stitch of packing has been accomplished today. However, we did make it to the bank (for the affore mentioned check) and to the Sprint store to help Kimmy out with... LOL.. replacing her old phone (ROTFL... it accidently jumped into the trash compactor at her place of employment and died a crushing death). A few other miscellaneous tasks were also accomplished but nothing I had on my "to do" list. Ahhh the joys of feeling accomplished. :)

I'll likely get a wild wind of energy tonight (isn't it strange how at times it comes out of nowhere, and at night when you'd normally like to be drifting off into a nice deep slumber?) and get the major tasks finished up. The hardest part about this move is that because it's only a few miles away (2.45 to be exact) everything isn't going into boxes. If it's already in a basket or bin, I'm planning to just move the bin and put it right into it's new home (rather than boxing it up, moving the box, locating the box at the new house, unpacking it, and then putting it into it's new home. Oh well, such is life, eh?

We have a truck rented from U-haul for next weekend. We'll pick it up Friday evening. Why Friday evening you ask? Well, fortunately (NOT) for us, we live (and will continue to live even at the new house) a few short miles away from Texas Motor Speedway. Fabulously enough next weekend is the Busch Series race at TMS. As anyone who lives near me can attest - traffic becomes a pain in the keester starting with Friday and continues through the weekend as race fans arrive in their RV's and trailers to celebrate and enjoy the races. Seriously. Before the race begins, the highway is closed down on one side, so that incoming traffic can use both sides of the freeway. Then, after the race ends, the traffice direction switches still leaving both sides runnign the same direction.

Normally we can get around the traffic using side roads -and we might be lucky. But, we're predicting that we'll need to work with race traffic so the earlier we have the truck - the better. We'll definitely have to travel into race traffic when we pick it up and drop it off. Hopefully that will be it.

Anyway... lot's to do - and LOTS to update you guys on! I'll post sometime next week after we close. Hopefully I'll have time to catch you up on everything else too!

Make it a great day (week.. whatever)!

Searching for Your Inner Pink Lady?

Recently, I retired from the ranks of the infamous Pink Ladies. My tenure was filled with fabulous fun - as anything pink should be.

Have you thought about searching for YOUR inner Pink Lady?, home of ScrapScoop and the Pink Project, is on a search to find new PINK LADIES for our PINK LADY design team. They are seeking creative, fun, talkative, motivating scrapbookers of varying levels to join other friendly scrapbookers.

Here's the nitty gritty...

  • DT Call Dates: Entries will be accepted from April 1, 2007 through midnight pacific on April 15, 2007.
  • DT Term: May 2007-April 2008
  • During (and after) the DT call they highly encourage applicants to participate on our message board to get to know the members and for them to get to know you! And be sure to load a few additional layouts to their gallery.
  • They strongly encourage anyone who has never been on a Design Team to apply.
  • They need to limit the the Pink Lady spots to US addresses only because of shipping time and cost restraints.

How to apply?

E-mail the following information to and be sure to put Pink Lady Application in your subject line (applications without this won't be considered)

  • Include your username, your real name, your mailing address, phone number, and email address.
  • If you have a scrapbook resume, or blog be sure to send links to those too. Be sure to list your gallery locations and the screen name you use (if you participate on any message boards).
  • A short bio about yourself
  • Submit (150 KB limit each) the following projects:
    a. 3 – 2 page layouts-at least one with multiple photos
    b. 3 – altered or home accent projects, we want to see you think outside the box with this entry
    c. 2 – Cards
  • Please answer the following questions:
    1. Why do you want to be on our DT?
    2. Are you currently on or being considered for any other design teams right now?
    3. If you are on another DT: Do you feel like you can fairly divide your time and complete your assignments onetime? Why do you want to be on more than one DT?
    4. How did you first hear about
    5. What is your design style?
    6. Can you contribute daily to our message board?
    7. How often do you visit your favorite message boards?
    8. About how much time per week do you spend on your hobby?
    9. Can you contribute 3-4 layouts and ideas to our gallery each month in addition to your design team assignments?
    10. Three favorite companies?
    11. What tool can you not live without?

What you can expect:

  • Each month features 4-5 products in our PINK PROJECT & Features area. The design team usually works on 1-4 different products depending on availability from manufacturer. Sometimes you randomly get assigned to a product, other times you can pick your project.
  • Complete at least 1-2 2-page layout, & 1 altered item each month. Then, post projects with a detailed supply list and journalling in our gallery
  • Participate daily on our message board
  • Submit newsletter articles
  • Review products when needed/add new products to review system
  • Host challenges, help organize & run cybercrops and contests on our message board
  • Submit layouts and altered items to our gallery regularly
  • DT members should promote whenever possible--Create a link on your blog and/or website if applicable.
  • Projects are often sent with a very quick turn around so that we can feature the latest and greatest. You will receive an assignment sheet with each package. Projects aren't always sent on a schedule and we occasionally skip months due to holidays or availability of new product.

If you have any question in regards to the Design Team call please email them at:

Edit: If you aren't a member of ST and you want to post on the MB you'll need to become a member by joining using the button in the above nav bar....we get a ton of spam and have to approve you before you can join. If you have a strange email address, let me know at and we will approve you....otherwise we just delete the strange emails. If you don't hear anything for a long time, join again and email...because you may have gotten deleted. We don't ban anyone real from becoming a member.

One Week.....

Seriously…one week. Oh my GOLLY. We’ll be closing on our new house at this moment one week from today. Seriously. It’s almost overwhelming. Seriously. We got a great start on house packing this weekend. The kitchen is 90% done. The guest bathroom is done except for things like taking down the decorative towels and shower curtain. The living room is finished, except for the coffee table and end tables – and of course things like taking the stereo and Wii apart (steve would be sad if his Wii wasn’t hooked up.

I had a good start on the guest bedroom, and even started on the attic (which items have since been relocated to the garage). I knew I loved Christmas, but goodness golly - I have a LOT of Christmas decor! Seriously! I think I have 6 or 7 Christmas trees! Granted, they're not all full sized but still - I can't imagine what kind of collecter I'll be like in 10 years. I've got to get a grasp on my love of Christmas decorating. (Although... I asked Steve if we could have Christmas in July this year - or at least decorate in July. I even know exactly where I'm going to put the main tree in the NEW house!!!)

Hopefully this week I'll get most of the rest of the house done. I'd love to be able to focus on my studio next weekend, but only time will tell.

It seems like closing is SO close, but it's still SO far away (well 6 days and so many hours/minutes anyway!)