Natural Disasters... and not so much...

Living in Texas provides for an entertaining view of the weather. Much like Ohio, it can (and does) change on a whim. It's often said that if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it'll change. Boy does it ever.

Lately, over the last few weeks we've had torrential rain storms, tornadoes, flooding, and lots of beautiful sunshine. Last night we had another big storm. In our surrounding area there was some damange, but fortunately no casualites. Whew!

Growing up, I would have run like mad at the sound of a "severe weather" siren. When we lived in Wichita Falls, Texas (that would be the only stint I had of living in the US while growing up) we had a tornado shelter in our back yard. I can't remember how many times we were woken up in the middle of the night by my mother, directing us to the shelter for safety. I can recall seeing tornado damage on a few seperate occasions (and destinctly when a tornado destroyed the base swimming pool. Man, that sucked).

However, as an adult, I don't even hear the sirens. Most times, I'll catch someone else noticing that the sirens are going off - and they continue on their merry way.

Last night, as the sirens were going off, Pam stopped me from what i was doing and directed me into the bathroom (by the way, the loo's at The Scrapbook Pad are decorated ever so lovely thanks to Jeanie's brilliant style). It reminded me of my mom and her waking me up to direct me to safety. Thanks, Pam! My fabulous and oh so wonderful friend, Heather B. called me a few times to make sure I knew about the impending weather, how to react should I see a funnel cloud, and just to make sure I was safe. Seriously - she's an awesome friend. I got to spend some time hanging out and hunkering down with Jeanie, Katie (who was totally into her favorite magazine "Mental Floss" - note to self: check out that mag. It sounds hilarious!), Madison (who is so drop dead gorgeous - she's going to have a blast at college!), and Pam at the Pad. I think a good time was had by all - especially since I had chocolate chewie cookies from Market Street.

Seriously, cookies make everything better.

In the end, I'm safe, Steve's safe. Both of the kids (Thomas and Kimberlee) are safe. None of our homes have any damage. The only discomfort I experienced was that I needed to stay at the store a bit longer than I had planned, and thus Steve didn't get the lunch I had for him. And, the road I take home was flooded out so I had to take another path. It's all good.

I know there is a fantastic moral to this story. Something about free agency, heeding warnings (sirens), and being guided (my mother) but I have to give it some thought.

In not so natural disaster news....

As my mother can attest I love to color my hair. I've done it for years - both on my own and with a stylist. I've had almost every color of hair in the rainbow (Many times not on purpose. Mom, do you remember the rock star halloween costume year that the colored mousse didn't wash out? Oh the blues and greens!). I took many cosmotology classes in school and did quite well with color units - loved them.

Since trying to be budget savvy - I thought I'd go back in time to refresh my hair coloring skills on my own hair. (Of course, under the direction of a not living close, but oh so fabulous and awesome hair stylist)

Bad idea.



I did it. And while it was a really fun color of red (think dark cherry red), it didn't have even coverage - and it wasn't a good color for me.

People laughed at work.

Steve said "I can't really tell a difference".

I told him he wouldn't notice a difference even if I colored it neon green (not true, but you get the point).

I called my stylist, Cedric.

Cedric will now be called Cedric the Fabulous.

I was able to get into see him, and he sprinkled some magic on my hair.

It's got an even color now.

But, it's really dark.


I'm talking REALLY dark as compared to where it was before I put Garnier into it.


I could be a vampire for Halloween.

Too bad Halloween is just over 5 months away.

The not so natural lesson learned by me;

Cedric (or another like qualified color expert/artiste/professional) is the only person who should be applying any color to my hair.

Feel free to laugh.

But not where I can see you. :)


Heather said...

Seriously, should I say I told you so? Seriously? Just kidding! Can't wait to see it. Seriously! lol

Anonymous said...

Yes, I got a couple of chuckles from the memories. The other one I remember is when you showed up at a roadshow practice at the Enon Ward with cherry red/mahogany hair. As I remember, it didn't last all that long .... just long enough to get the desired reaction from me. I also remember that specific night of tornados in Wichita Falls - the one that damaged the swimming pool - and the long night spent in the storm shelter. I still wonder who the bright "guy" was that put the stupid thing out in the middle of the backyard. I mean SERIOUSLY (to quote someone I love) - we were quite soaked by the time we all ran out to the shelter and got the lid up and managed to get it back down with us safely inside. Were you aware that the swimming pool was only 1/4 mile (maybe less) from the house? Then there was the one in Enon, Ohio, just before we moved to Texas that cut a path a half-mile wide right down through the middle the town. Fortunately, we lived 12 miles from that one. Anyway - glad you and yours are safe. Love you, Mom

Amanda Dykan said...

I can't wait to see it!!! I'm sure YOU LOOK MARVELOUS!! (in the voice of Billy Crystal)

See you Saturday...

Amanda D

Cami said...

Sleeping w/ a meteorologist has its benefits! ;) Re: hair color... I never ONCE colored my hair until I was over 30. First color I chose out of the gate: NEON BURGUNDY WINE. We toned, toned again and then highlighted. I looked like an aging GOTHIC doorknob, but my teeth looked whiter. Glad you're safe. Glad you had cookies. Glad I know where to "run into you" more often. Take care!

PROLIX said...

Joyeux NSD!

giant hugs to ya!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Anonymous said...

hey girl...

how are you????

miss ya!!!!