Less Than 48 Hours to Go!

WOW... time REALLY does fly by when you're not paying attention (or doing what you should be doing versus what you WANT to be doing) doesn't it?

We have the cashiers check for our closing costs and down payment. WOW. That's a BIG chunk of money. Seriously.

It stresses me out.

I could buy a LOT of really fun things with that much money. (Not that Steve-o would EVER let me in any DREAM of my imagination. Nor do I need any additional supplies or items to hoard - not even in the deepest recesses of my imagination could I justify it. However, I'm sure I'd have a jovial time trying!)

Not a stitch of packing has been accomplished today. However, we did make it to the bank (for the affore mentioned check) and to the Sprint store to help Kimmy out with... LOL.. replacing her old phone (ROTFL... it accidently jumped into the trash compactor at her place of employment and died a crushing death). A few other miscellaneous tasks were also accomplished but nothing I had on my "to do" list. Ahhh the joys of feeling accomplished. :)

I'll likely get a wild wind of energy tonight (isn't it strange how at times it comes out of nowhere, and at night when you'd normally like to be drifting off into a nice deep slumber?) and get the major tasks finished up. The hardest part about this move is that because it's only a few miles away (2.45 to be exact) everything isn't going into boxes. If it's already in a basket or bin, I'm planning to just move the bin and put it right into it's new home (rather than boxing it up, moving the box, locating the box at the new house, unpacking it, and then putting it into it's new home. Oh well, such is life, eh?

We have a truck rented from U-haul for next weekend. We'll pick it up Friday evening. Why Friday evening you ask? Well, fortunately (NOT) for us, we live (and will continue to live even at the new house) a few short miles away from Texas Motor Speedway. Fabulously enough next weekend is the Busch Series race at TMS. As anyone who lives near me can attest - traffic becomes a pain in the keester starting with Friday and continues through the weekend as race fans arrive in their RV's and trailers to celebrate and enjoy the races. Seriously. Before the race begins, the highway is closed down on one side, so that incoming traffic can use both sides of the freeway. Then, after the race ends, the traffice direction switches still leaving both sides runnign the same direction.

Normally we can get around the traffic using side roads -and we might be lucky. But, we're predicting that we'll need to work with race traffic so the earlier we have the truck - the better. We'll definitely have to travel into race traffic when we pick it up and drop it off. Hopefully that will be it.

Anyway... lot's to do - and LOTS to update you guys on! I'll post sometime next week after we close. Hopefully I'll have time to catch you up on everything else too!

Make it a great day (week.. whatever)!


Amanda Dykan said...

Ugh! You poor thing! My hubby is going to the race all weekend. I feel your pain. Take Blue Mound...

Amanda D... see you soon!

~Jamie said...

Race weekend.... no THANK YOU.... I hate that weekend because it always makes me feel like I couldn't get to my parents house if I wanted to... the race is between me and them... not that I actually NEED to get there... but what if I did, ykwim? congrats on the new house!