One Week.....

Seriously…one week. Oh my GOLLY. We’ll be closing on our new house at this moment one week from today. Seriously. It’s almost overwhelming. Seriously. We got a great start on house packing this weekend. The kitchen is 90% done. The guest bathroom is done except for things like taking down the decorative towels and shower curtain. The living room is finished, except for the coffee table and end tables – and of course things like taking the stereo and Wii apart (steve would be sad if his Wii wasn’t hooked up.

I had a good start on the guest bedroom, and even started on the attic (which items have since been relocated to the garage). I knew I loved Christmas, but goodness golly - I have a LOT of Christmas decor! Seriously! I think I have 6 or 7 Christmas trees! Granted, they're not all full sized but still - I can't imagine what kind of collecter I'll be like in 10 years. I've got to get a grasp on my love of Christmas decorating. (Although... I asked Steve if we could have Christmas in July this year - or at least decorate in July. I even know exactly where I'm going to put the main tree in the NEW house!!!)

Hopefully this week I'll get most of the rest of the house done. I'd love to be able to focus on my studio next weekend, but only time will tell.

It seems like closing is SO close, but it's still SO far away (well 6 days and so many hours/minutes anyway!)

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Amanda Dykan said...

Hi Heather,
I've just spent about the last hour going through all your pages, galleries and other things. I feel like I know you a little better now! I want you to know I have liked you from the first night you came up and introduced yourself to me at "The Pad". I love your fire and spunk. You have such beauty, in and out. Thanks for opening up and sharing. I'm glad we are becoming friends.

Amanda D