We're In!... and other rambling thoughts

We did it! Well, with a lot of incredible assistance that is! Last week, Steve started taking boxes of stuff to the new house. By the time Saturday morning rolled around, there wasn't a whole lot to load onto the truck - other than furniture. So, in one happy truck load it was accomplished.

We missed the race traffic. The weather storms came Friday (more on that later), so we didn't have any problems on Saturday. The truck was back to the rental station by noon - how's that for amazing? GO Steve-o!

We're working on unpacking and getting settled into the new house.

You know, I didn't realize how much work it would be. And, you know when you go house hunting, you don't notice the little really minor things that are going to need to be fixed. Or the little idiosyncracies.

For instance, I would never have thought to measure the space needed for the refrigerator door to open (now it barely ... and I mean BARELY) clears the kitchen unmovable island.

I never would have thought to measure the space needed for the washing machine to get upstairs, or the space needed for the front loading door to open (again, more on that later).

I wouldn't have thought to check out the drains and shower heads in the bathrooms, or the flushing knobs on the toilets. I (obviously NOT logically) assumed they'd be fine. Wrong. The guess shower head literally broke right off, and the master shower head is on it's way. The drain in the guest bathroom is grossly corroded and loaded with hair (eeewwww). The master toilet flushing thingie (by the way, that's the Heather technical term) broke off. There is more.. but why remind myself. The house is starting to remind me of the movie "The Money Trap".

We are happy to be in our new house, despite the ordeal the weekend has become. All we can do is laugh at the things that go wrong at this point because we're beyond being upset or mad. Lowe's will become our close, intimate friend - I can already tell.

So... onto other (some related, some not) topics and rambling Heather thoughts...
  • Will I ever see myself as not fat? I realize I have lost a lot of weight. Today, I fit into my first pair of single digit sized pants ever. EVER. But, when I look at my reflection in the windows or mirrors, all I see is saddle bags, saggy pooch, thighs and bum! I know I'm thinner. Considerably even. Am I alone in these thoughts - or does everyone judge themselves to a differant scale?
  • We need to buy a new washer. This is incredibly frustrating and most of all irritating. Seriously. We only bought our current washer a few months ago. However, after Steve and Chris spent 6 hours lugging it up and getting it installed into our second story laundry room (there were other things they did too - not just lugging) we realized this weekend that because of the kind it is (front loading, high efficiency, etc) it's not made for a second story laundry room. In fact, when it spins, you can feel it throughout the whole house. After a trip to Lowe's to find out what we can do to remedy the situation, we've learned that the machine we have won't work well in a second story laundry room. So... we're going to try and sell it so that we can purchase the new one. Well, in reality we're buying the new one regardless. We need to sell the old new one so that we can offset the purchase. Laundry is important you know. Especially when you get down to your emergency underwear. Seriously.
  • Sleep is fabulous, but overrated. Seriously. I'm not much of a sleeper. I can get by with little to no sleep. Most nights, I sleep for about 5 hours and everything is wonderful. When I crash though - I crash hard. Seriously. And it's fabulous.
  • On Saturday, April 28th there's going to be a scrapbooking garage sale over at The Scrapbook Pad. I have SO much to to do so that my stuff can be ready. It's going to ROCK. So, if you're looking for some great deals on scrapbooking stuff be sure to stop by! The sale will be going from 10am - 2pm. (AND... We're also hosting Amanda Dykan for a book signing from 12-2pm. If that wasn't fabulous enough, the Maya Road Design Team is going to be doing the Make and Take from 1pm - 2pm! Seriously... The Scrapbook Pad rocks at events!)
  • My studio has not been moved yet? Why you ask? Because I need space to go through everything to get ready for the garage sale. It's going to be done this weekend (I hope) and man, my new room is going to rock for my creativity! You'll have to come over and play!
  • Silver Bella! Do you remember how much fun I had last year? Seriously. It rocked. I was sick, but it ROCKED. The Bella instructors were amazing, the projects were fabulous, and I created some of the best friendships. I even got to meet some of my online friends for the first time IRL! I can't wait for this year!

I have lots of other rambling thoughts stuck in my head at the moment. However, those are the only ones I can somewhat coherently share at the moment. Too much moving around in my brain.


Amanda Dykan said...

Wow! Sounds like an eventful weekend! We missed you at the store. Can't wait to see you! And, the truth is, you look amazing. Don't be so hard on yourself.


Amy Pennington said...

We women are always harder on ourselves then anyone else. You look marvelous. With a little duck tape those showerheads should work like new;)
I am going to miss that fun weekend scrapbook garage sale because we will be at Disneyland.

Anonymous said...

So glad you got into your house! As far as the fat thing...I think that after you've gone through a pregnancy, you just never look at your body the same way again. I read an essay once that suggested that stretch marks, that lovely extra skin on the belly, etc---all the "scars" of pregnancy---are really awards of honor. Look what my body survived! Sometimes that makes me feel better. Sometimes I think it is just silly! ;) Congrats on the single-digit pants, that's HUGE! (As in, huge accomplishment...tiny pant size!)

Kristy said...

Congrats on the new house! Looking forward to many pictures of the pad. :)

~Jamie said...

ohmigosh! I remember that feeling of how I didn't notice ANYTHING that was wrong with my friggin house... ugh so friggin irritating... and don't worry about it lol everyone does that. It is not a lemon!

and girl... shut your skinny butt up... you are a hottie.

Paula Phillips said...

I can totally understand about the house thing. A month or so after we moved into our 1st house, we had a slab leak, that lead to other slab leaks and finally mold. We had to move out for 3 months and live in a hotel while our house was torn down to the studs and rebuilt. The good news is, once it's done, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and it makes the house feel more "yours" if that makes sense. It's kind of like you had a part of making it what it is. Even our new house had some issues for the first few weeks. It will all get ironed out. Try not to let it get to you, although I know from experience, that's easier said than done. Hang in there!