Expedits, Boxes, & Bins... OH MY!

So, with the upcoming Garage Sale over at The Scrapbook Pad - coupled directly with our recent move, I've been going through my art studio. I thought it would be a brilliant way to knock out two birds with one stone.

One being packing up my stuff and moving it.

The other being selling supplies I'm not using, have never used, and may not ever use in my lifetime.

I have way too many art supplies.

But, I love them.

My new studio will ROCK. Seriously. ROCK.

I've always been a huge fan of IKEA and their Expedit system. I had the small unit, and now I have the large unit too! I now have 41 cubes of storage space waiting for me to fill with my art toys. Most of it is sorted into various Kassette boxes and Lekman bins. Man, I love IKEA.


Holy Happy Day!

I can't wait to share photos of my new space. It's totally inspired by Donna Downey's Studio. It's even the same units - but in a different color. (Plus, since there's an IKEA in Frisco, we didn't have to pay shipping - whew!) Talk about fun organization plan!

Of course, that will mean I've actually gotten it moved from the old space. Which, of course is a serious task in itself.


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auntieanne said...

okay...I just gotta see this studio!!! Can't wait to share!