Ahhh so many great things...

So many wonderful and exciting things are on the horizon for me. Each day truly has something to look forward to. Here are a few brief blurbs to catch you up to speed on my reality...

  • Kim has found an apartment! {Insert a huge resounding round of applause here}. We've been working with her to get everything she needs to have - talk about quick shopping spree's! She'll be completely in and living there by this weekend. Yay! Yes, I am WELL pleased. (and very excited for her to be beginning this fun, learning chapter in her life. I remember my first apartment. While there was MUCH to be learned, there was MUCH to be enjoyed at the same time - this will be GREAT for her)
  • So many fun projects are sitting on my table at the moment. Fun and creative samples for the Maya Road booth at Memory Trends. Fun layouts and altered projects for Scraptalk.com. There are some great challenges going on over there peeps! Check out the Pink Spark - lots of fun!
  • Autumn may very well have arrived in North Texas. I'm ready to start hanging my Halloweenie decorations - Steve's not so impressed. I {love} decorating for holidays! It's just FUN!
  • My family will be here to visit next month - there's nothing better than hanging with the parentals - and my youngest brother. We'll be having some serious fun!
  • Estella continues to ROCK my world - can't wait for next Tuesday!
  • The first of many vinyl pieces should be {hopefully} ready this week! It's going to look something like the image on this post - but in chocolate brown! Yummers!
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies are on the menu for tonight! Steve will be a VERY happy husband!
  • I recieved the BEST fun mail package from Madame Cari {love} her blog. She's one of my SilverBella sisters - can't wait to meet her IRL! She made me this FUN 'Halloween Hester' altered book. It makes me laugh EVERYtime I look at it. Doesn't it do the same for you?

I know I promised answers to all of the many and various adoption questions. I promise I'll get them up here as soon as possible. I wanted to make sure I gave each of them my full and honest attention - I'm an open book and want everyone to know the realities of adoption. They'll be up soon - I promise!

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Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! TOTALLY newlyweds again! Tell M&D hi for me.