Weekend from my Weekend...

Wow…. Busy - but productive - weekend! I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! Do you ever have weekends that seem to be busier than the previous week was? When I was younger, I used to think weekends were for relaxing and taking time out from the previous week. I realize now though, that it’s the time I use to catch up on all of the things that got left behind during the week. Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and everything else I need to get done.

I was able to get quite a few things accomplished from my “to do” list. From clearing out my scrap stash, packaging and pricing it and then having a table at the garage sale at The Scrapbook Warehouse in Lewisville on Saturday, to finally hanging the various picture frames around the house (I’ve only lived here for, oh 11 months… surely I’m on target… right??), starting my ATC’s for Silver Bella, packing Kim’s stuff out of the bathroom, watching and/or listening to 3 sessions of General Conference (missed the first because of the garage sale), creating, finishing, and packing up my bottle caps for the Creative Underground swap (can’t wait to see everyone else’s work!), trimming down various art papers to more manageable sizes (starting size was 25”x40”), baked a few loaves of banana bread, worked on various design team projects for Memory Trends, watching Heather’s eBay auctions close, hanging Halloween decorations (wahooooo!), tried to take care of sickie Steve (and when he’s sick, he’s REALLY sick), made a big ‘ol pot of chicken and vegetable soup, and rolls for dinner.

It was also time to re-inventory the big freezer. I chucked out some of the old stuff (cookie dough), and added some new meals. I think I’m the only dork in the world that does this. The issue is that I don’t know what’s out there, and if someone has eaten something I’ve saved for a meal. I’m also a HUGE fan of bulk cooking, or the cooking once, feeding twice (or thrice… or four times…) – so I utilize our Food Saver quite often. I do the initial freeze in the kitchen freezer, but move it outside so that we have room in the inside freezer. Oftentimes, I’ll forget what I have out there and when it comes to cooking dinner – I start all over. It’s a huge bummer when I realize I had 4 meals worth of spaghetti sauce frozen when I go to put in another 4 meals worth. My fingers have finally thawed out, I was smart and made a list of the meals I have ready… so hopefully I won’t be inventorying for a very long time.

Anyway, can ya feel me? I need some time to relax from my weekend!

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