Thank You!.... and a call for adoption questions

WOW… thank you so much for the many thoughtful words that have been both posted and emailed to me yesterday. My heart smiled!

I’m a very open person, and many of you had questions about adoption, about being a birthparent, about my choice, about my situation, about so many of the different sides of adoption. I plan on answering each and every question. I’m going to post all of the questions and all of the answers here on my blog. I’m sure there are more of you with questions, but perhaps were embarrassed to ask – or maybe even worried about offending me – to ask. Perhaps you felt that it was none of your business. Perhaps your curiosity is still peaked… In case it is, feel free to ask! If you want to ask anonymously, you can utilize that option when posting, or you can shoot me an email using the “Email Me” link on the right side toolbar under my photo. This is your chance to have a ‘no holds barred’, all of your adoption questions answered time!

I’m planning to post my responses tonight, with a layout I did with one of my favorite photos of Dylan and his father, Owen.

Some of the questions that have already been asked are:

~ How old were you when you had your son?
~ How could you have done this to your parents and other family?
~ What brought you to the decision to place?
~ Do you regret your decision?
~ How could you have done such a thing?
~ Do you communicate with his parents? Do you get to see photos of your son?
~ Have your feelings about adoption changed?
~ Do you attend parties and other family functions with him and his parents?
~ Was it hard?
~ How do you deal with it emotionally?

~ What happened to his birth father?
~ How did his birthfather react?
~ What’s it like being adopted?
~ What kind of relationship do you have with your birthparents?
~ How did your parents respond to your decision?
~ How did your parents respond to your birthmother finding you?
~ Do your parents and your birthmother get along?

~ Did your decision change how your family reacts or acts towards you?

Make it a great day!

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Anonymous said...

I, for one, applaud you for making what must have been the most difficult decision of your life. And I am sure you did so with the best intentions for all involved, which shows a great and wonderful love. Yes, I admire you greatly.