What's Cookin...

I have grand hopes and plans about getting back into blogging. It was a challenge with only one child, but having two has thrown me for a loop. Truly. I thought we had sleeping through the night down. 
 I thought. Really I did!

I was wrong.
Our current challenge has been my sweet daughter cutting teeth. Good times. She is adorably delightful though. And, 7 months old today! Clearly she has us all wrapped around her little fingers!

Time is flying right on by. I'm trying to savor the sweet moments and forget the not so sweet ones. I know this time won't last long. And, quite honestly, staying home with my kids is WAY harder than going to work every day. Even working 75+ hour weeks. I know it is (and will be even moreso) rewarding, but man is it HARD.

Enough with the emotional rambling, the very least I can do is share our recent menu plan wins.  It's always nice to find a recipe that someone else liked and would recommend. Here's what we've been eating:

What are some of your cooking wins?

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