Things I Love - Part 1

I always think of things I want to blog about, and then realize I don't have applicable/appropriate photos or even more likely... no time. So, the post goes by the wayside.  I have SO much respect for professional bloggers who post awesome content on a daily (or even several times a week) basis. It's just not in me.

So, for February... I'm taking a page from the book of the incomparable Margie Romney-Aslett. She's fabulous (in case you didn't already know. And... if that is the case you are SO missing out!) and hilarious. Pee your pants hilarious! Margie is posting about things she loves in February. Love the idea... totally snagging it too.

So, as I get time... I'm going to focus on love.. and share things that I love during February. There isn't any rhyme or reason to my loves. No plan. No preconceived notions (other than they'll be things I love!). No expectations (other than to just freakin' post!).

Right now, today, I have to say I am LOVING online art classes.

Terri Brush is a ROCK star! I highly suggest her soldering, paper mache, silver smithing, or any of her other courses (especially if you can't get to where I'm teaching!!). I've taken quite a bit of soldering classes and jewelry making classes over the years (duh of course... how else would I teach them!), and she is a CLASS ACT. She goes way above and beyond to share her knowledge and skills. There isn't anything she keeps to herself. We share a like mind in that we want our students to know everything they need to know (including sources, skills, techniques) by the end of class.  She is personable and a joy to spend time (I only know her online so far!) with. Attending one of her art camps is on my bucket list!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Christy Tomlinson's online art courses. She is so stinkin' cute! I honestly just watch her video's to learn her techniques, and listen to her chatter. (It cracks me up because I'm the same way!). She really strives to make sure that her students understand the techniques she uses, and shows them to you over and over and over. Her store is a dream to shop at (hello fabulous art supplies!). The canvas's I've created from her classes are some of my most favorite pieces to display in my home. They're me, match my decor, and just make me happy.

I have loved Jeanne Oliver's clothing for a few years... I have a few pieces that she created several years ago (a muslin dress and two skirts) before she had her now infamous clothing line. I've LOVED my bags for as long as I've had them and get compliments on them too (I had to retire one of them because it was loved almost to death. I wore it EVERYWHERE and sadly it finally almost wore out. So, now I only use it from time to time). Anyway, she has several wonderful and uplifting courses that I've enjoyed.  I really, REALLY enjoyed Creatively Made. It was though provoking and uplifting. I created several pieces that I adore. Recently, Jeanne created an online community that is blossoming into quite the hot spot! It's a wonderful place to meet others with the same artistic interests and dreams.

Of course, I cannot forget Margie and her fun Spark Online courses. Margie is... pee your pants funny. She also has fun, short online courses designed to help you prepare holiday decor for your home. Currently, she has a great class called Love.Love.Love. I enjoyed it SO much last year! This year, as I set out this years Valentine decor, I pulled out the projects I completed and loved on them some more.

I think that's about it for my current loves... at least for art classes!

Have you taken any online art classes that you're just LOVING? Who are they taught by and what are they?

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Heather said...

You hit all my favotites with your list!