Glitter Market!

It's time for another fabulous Glitter Market!

Not only is Cindy Winters the proprietress of Paper Crown (my favorite scrapbook and paper artistry store!!) which is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, she is the organizer of this fun event! She has an impressive team of supporters (like Jackie!), and I just adore her.

I will be vending along with many others who are incredible artists. Charlotte Perez will be there with her breathtaking jewelry. Jackie will be there (no doubt with her throngs of faithful followers!). Linda will be there with her stunning art, as will Bobbie! My fellow North Texan, Ann-Denise will be there with miles of gathered crepe paper and paper clay creations (she really is something with paper clay!). Colette is coming from the far north country of Canada to share her art with us (we are SO very lucky!). I can't wait to see sweet Holly's hand drawn and painted watercolors and jewelry. Medeah's art is always thoughtful and eye catching too.

What do I have up my sleeves for this spring event? You'll have to come to see for sure! I have been working in the little snippets of free time I find (teething has taken it's toll on me and sweet Charleigh!) and I don't have as much done as I had hoped I would have. I have some vintage items from my recent studio reorganization, wallpaper and vintage ephemera collections, my typical and regular jewelry pieces and soldering project kits. I also have a few large pieces that are almost done and I hope to have them with me too.

Something brand new for me and Glitter Market is... I'm bringing my husband! This will be his first artsy thing to attend with me.  :) How I do love my cute boy!  I am excited for him to get a first glimpse at what it is that I love about Oklahoma (especially after detesting the glorious state for so long!) and the creative women that live (and travel to!) there.

So, if you're in the Oklahoma City area this coming weekend, stop by Glitter Market! Heck, if you're not in the area, get yourself there! It's fun, the women are awesome, the other artists are inspiring and the air is fresh!

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