What?!? A Post From Heather?


Long time, NO BLOG!!

It's been almost a year since my last post. What the H?? Seriously though, I had great intentions to blog, and a huge whoppin' list of things I wanted to blog about and document. Alas, as some good intentions go... they didn't.
Don't I have some good looking siblings?!?
But, I am ready to get back into the swing of things, and start documenting! I'm combining several of my blogs (did you know there were multiples?? There were! Like 6 of them actually! It's no wonder I got burnt out!!), creating an actual posting schedule (I thought after leaving corporate America, I'd never EVER want to follow an actual schedule. It turns out, it's a GOOD thing for me! Who knew??), and totally overhauling the design on this one!

Big things are a'comin'!!
We kind of rock it like this. All the time!

So, what have I been up to? Ya know, aside from raising my two minions, supporting my dashing prince, trying to maintain a household, working a full-time job for a while, working here and there on some blog/classroom design for an artistic friend whom I've grown to love, gardening, spending a weekend with the Muchachas, cooking, getting oily, menu planning, losing weight, CREATING (you guys warned me about getting sucked into creating girlie things... you were right. I am TOTALLY hooked... line AND sinker!!), redecorating, living a healthier lifestyle, traveling and laundry.... among other things. To be honest, I haven't been up to much aside from those few little things.

This girl. She has my heart. 
I'm a slacker!! :)

I have fun things on the horizon! Art Camp with Terri Brush, National Convention with Young Living (lots more on that soon!), a visit (or two) to northern California, last summer  plans before my son starts "real" school, Glitter Market, painting the kitchen cabinets... loads of fun and exciting things! LOL!

Thanks for sticking it out with me, and I can't wait to catch you up on all of our fun, everyday happenings!!



Cindy said...

Seriously Heather, I was getting dizzy just reading all that! You so totally rock. I would like just half of the energy you have. Really, you are inspiring. God bless you and your family. I can't wait to read more!

janey jennings said...

Heather, I miss seeing you once a year at least!
Your Family is the Cutest!