Bringing Home Baby: What's in a Name? Part 1

When I found out we were having a girl, and after getting over my shock that it wasn't another boy, I immediately started thinking of names.

I wanted a name that is feminine, but not kitchy. A name that is beautiful, yet strong.

I had lists of names and I added to them as time went on.

I loved Annabelle and Annabella, Isabelle and Isabella (I've always wanted a 'Bella'!). I loved Cristina and Christina, Olivia, Evangelina, and Anna. I adored Paisley, Abigail, Cynthia, Victoria, Elizabeth, and Catherine.  I love Ann, Anne, and Annette. The lists are long, and the spellings vary.

I've always wanted to give my children names that had family ties (Fred's name is 90% from the Ales side, and the remaining 10% is Beste), and that honored our family history together.

And so, it is with that we've selected our baby girls name. Her first name we've made quite public, and we are keeping her middle name to ourselves until her birth. 

We are naming her Charleigh. It is pronounced just as Charlie ([chahr-lee]), not as [shar-lee). 

I love it and can't wait to see our little Charleigh!

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Heather B. said...

It's absolutely beautiful!!