Bringing Home Baby: Nurseries...

When I was pregnant with Freddy, I really didn't do any nesting. I purchased his nursery and crib decor in a set, and just put it out. I didn't make things, or think about how cute this or that would be.

Maybe it's because I'm home (and not working 70+ hours in an office), or because I'm having a girl (which gives me some guilt!!), but I can't help BUT dream about our baby's room. I know that I want it to be cute, and feminine but not "babyish". I've had such fun putting things together and making things for her little place. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to her, things I want to do with her, things I want to make for her, and things I have used to inspire me with her nursery.

Here are some of the items I've pinned, that I'm incorporating into her room...

via The Plum Verbena 
via My Ordinary Life

via It's Doable... 
via Terri Brush (and her daughter's wedding!)
I can't find the site this is supposed to link to. The Pinterest link is kaput!

via aka Designs

via Crush Culdesac

 And then, of course, her bedding. I am so pleased with how her quilt turned out. I know it's super basic, and it's not a fancy pieced quilt. But, I am happy with how it turned out. I took it to a local quilting shop and they did the quilting embroidery for me. I LOVE it!!

Soon, her room will be done (waiting on the last coat of paint to dry on her dresser - then onto the poly coat!), and I can share photos. Baby girls are SO much fun to decorate for!

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