30 Days to an Attitude of Gratitude: Day 3

This month, I am working on focusing on the many things I have to be grateful for. I'm calling it "30 Days to an Attitude of Gratitude." I know I have much to be grateful for, much of which I overlook. It is my hope that I can remember these things, and focus on the many positives I have in my life!

Today, I am grateful for my home.

When I say "home" I am referring to the place in which my family resides, not our house. (However, I am grateful for our house!)

When I was a teenager, I remember being asked what I was most scared of - in the whole world.

I was terrified of not having somewhere to go. Being stranded, and not being able to get to where my family was, or just not having somewhere to go that was where I belonged.

I grew up living overseas because of my fathers awesome career with the United States Air Force. We moved every 3-4 years. The longest place we were stationed was Berlin, Germany and that was 4 years.  So, when people ask me where I'm from, I didn't have a hometown. I couldn't say I was from a particular state (though I was born in one state, and lived for a bit in another when I was in 5th grade), or even a town.

I've lived in two states, for longer than any other state in the United States. I lived in Ohio for 6 years - and living in one area for that long was quite a feat. However, I have lived in Texas for... get this... hold on to your drawers... 9 years.

I know, you're thinking... 9 years. That's something to be proud of?

For me, it is. It really, really is.

I am officially from Texas. I'm a Texan (I can even fake a great accent!). Even more so, I love the town I live in. I love that it's small enough that I can get straight to the Mayor or our City Manager (literally within minutes!). I love that I remember "back when" that shopping center, housing development, highway, school, etc, was a field. I love that I can remember when some of the kids around me really were kids (and now some of them are married, are graduating from college, or are even just getting into high school).

I am grateful that I have a place, a location, to call home.

I am incredibly grateful that I have a place where I feel (mostly) that I belong. This is where I need to be, with my sweet little family, and in a community where I feel like I am contributing, building roots, building relationships, and getting to know others who are here too.

I am grateful that my heart is here, that my home is here, and that I am here.

Are you participating in any type of Gratitude challenge this month? Please let me know, I'd LOVE to read your posts too!

Thank you to Kerri Bradford of Kerri Bradford Studio for permission to use her "The Dailies" and "This + That: Gratitude" kits in my button and graphic design for this series!

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