30 Days to an Attitude of Gratitude: Day 4

This month, I am working on focusing on the many things I have to be grateful for. I'm calling it "30 Days to an Attitude of Gratitude." I know I have much to be grateful for, much of which I overlook. It is my hope that I can remember these things, and focus on the many positives I have in my life!

Today, I am grateful that, because of my husbands hard work, we have the money to buy groceries and the money to buy ingredients to make things we don't need to eat to survive.

To many of us, that's such a small simple thing. We probably take it for granted. I know I have.

Last night, I was baking cookies to take over to a friend who's got the icks running through her house. Her little guy is sick, but generally will eat "Cookie Lady" cookies (he couldn't say my name. He knows me as Freddy's Mommy too though!).

As I was making the dough, I got side tracked talking with Fred and Steve. (For the life of me, I can't remember what we were talking about), and had the sugars, butter, eggs, and vanilla all mixed together. I started adding the dry ingredients, and turned the mixer on. On High.

I made a lovely mess. All over myself. All over the kitchen. Batter in my flour container (why did I not put the lid back on? Lesson learned!) There was batter and flour everywhere. I'm actually STILL finding it, and in the oddest of places too. Anyway...

The point is, I am so grateful that I have the ingredients on hand to make something that isn't necessary, but is nice to have. I am grateful that because of budgeting (not my forte) and because of my husbands hard work, we are able to have these things on hand and that we don't have to financially struggle to have them handy.

I am grateful that I don't stay up at night wondering where our next meal is going to come from.

I am grateful that I am able to share meals with family and friends, and while it is not gourmet or high end, I don't have to worry about whether it's going to break my budget.

I am grateful that I live in a country where I can have food storage for an emergency, and that it's okay to keep a full pantry. (Believe it or not, you can't do that in every country. It's actually illegal in many!)

Are you participating in any type of Gratitude challenge this month? Please let me know, I'd LOVE to read your posts too!

Thank you to Kerri Bradford of Kerri Bradford Studio for permission to use her "The Dailies" and "This + That: Gratitude" kits in my button and graphic design for this series!

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Nursing Covers made with LOVE said...

Love this Heather!! ;) I read your other blog the other night... or maybe it was this one on your adoption in 2007 ;) I was reading it on my cell phone early into the morning and tearing up. Thanks for being such an open writer and expressing yourself. Love ya!