30 Days to an Attitude of Gratitude: Day 2

This month, I am working on focusing on the many things I have to be grateful for. I'm calling it "30 Days to an Attitude of Gratitude." I know I have much to be grateful for, much of which I overlook. It is my hope that I can remember these things, and focus on the many positives I have in my life!

Today, I am grateful for my husband Steve.

When I was a young woman, I remember writing letters to my future husband. In these letters, I shared my dreams and aspirations for our courtship, relationship, and many, many illogical wants (hey, I was 14!). I could never of imagined what an incredible man I would be blessed with many, MANY years later. (I married later in life and was an Old Maid according to typical LDS cultural standards.)

I am grateful that Steve is openly loving and smoochy with me.

I am grateful  that he tries to make sure that I know he thinks I'm attractive.

I am grateful that Steve wants the best for our financial future. I love that he thinks about preparing for our future - now, and that he is so focused on it.

I am grateful, I adore, and I appreciate, that Steve works SO hard for us so that I can stay home with our son.

I feel bad, but appreciate, that Steve tells me it's "okay" when I fail at goals I've set. He reminds me that no one is perfect and that I can try again.

I am grateful that he supports me in my creative endeavors and other pursuits.

I am grateful that he challenges me to do better financially. (and I try - oh how I try! But I get easily distracted!)

I am grateful that he thinks I'm a good cook, and that he acknowledges that he forgets what a "good thing he has" in me as a wife that prepares and cooks meals for him.

I am grateful that when he see's I'm having a trying day, he'll send me off to have some "alone" time and he'll take care of our son.

I am grateful that he helps around the house. He does it more than I feel like he should, but he reminds me that we  are a team and that we can make anything work if we work together to accomplish it.

I am grateful that he is always willing to serve others.

I am grateful that he is such an incredible father to our son, and that he is teaching Freddy how to love and respect women.

I am SO grateful for Steve!

Are you participating in any type of Gratitude challenge this month? I'd LOVE to read your posts too!

Thank you to Kerri Bradford of Kerri Bradford Studio for permission to use her "The Dailies" and "This + That: Gratitude" kits in my button and graphic design for this series!


Heidi said...

I love this! (Saw it on Facebook). I'm going to try to do something like it daily on F/B. Hugs,Heidi

Today I'm grateful for my unexpected visitors (daughter and 2 granddaughters....and warm cookies to bake for them!)

amy boland said...

Hi Sweet Heather,
I just love this, and have been thinking about having my children do something like this also.
So my day one would be that I am thankful for this post!
amy b.