Goodbye and GOOD Riddance to June 2011!

Have you ever had one of those months that you can't wait to see end?

For me, it's this month - June 2011 (well for another hour or so!).

It's been a month full of medical challenges. I don't normally like to wallow in the mire, but I need a moment to vent, even if it is here on my blog.
  • I got to start (and end!!) the month with two rather evasive and somewhat painful procedures. Yay.
  • I got to have a double root canal. Double Yay!
  • Today, I "got" to have 5 dysplastic moles removed, and four lentigines frozen off.
There were also regular other challenges that added extra irritation blah to the month.
  • I got a painful sunburn all over my lower back (I'm blaming it on a new swimsuit, and my not thinking about applying sunscreen there.) Boo!
  • Shea and Debbie moved back home to California. Boo!

Fortunately, there was quite a bit of greatness in the month to bring me both mental and physical relief!
  • My parents, and sister (with her 4 children) came to visit for a few days. We had a blast visiting Going Bonkers in Lewisville, Lego Land in Grapevine, and the Fort Worth Children's Museum (obviously in Fort Worth). Yay!
  • We celebrated Steve's 3rd father's day with his favorite foods and the opportunity to get whatever he wanted as a gift. YAY! (for him!!)
  • I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend with 55 wonderful women at the amazing "Art of Spring" put on by Debbie and Shea of A Gilded Life. Our weekend included going to Canton (on a luxury tour bus at that), taking a wonderful day-long bird making class by Lesa Daily (which she is known for), and a second day-long class with Shea and Debbie making a multi-strand watch (or bracelet - it was up to the creator!) We were spoiled with the culinary skill and prowress of Sarah Keenan and her fun assistant Jenny Brogdon. I love these weekends so much, and am sad to say (that in case you haven't heard) this was the last one to be held in the gorgeous church Shea and Debbie used to live in. So sad! 
  • I've been decluttering our home with a mad and furious pace. It wasn't that we had a LOT of anything, but I had enough little things here and there that just needed to go. I am hoping to be "done" with saving things for a 'just in case' time, or keeping things around because they're fun or cool - even if I won't use them. 
  • As part of my decluttering efforts, my studio is actually almost 100% tidy and 80% organized! Hooray! I'll be blogging about that soon over on my organizing blog (which is in a very sad need of updating!). Yay!
  • My garden is flourishing, and we've been able to enjoy it's small bounty. I'm eager for the day when we can harvest a full grown tomato (rather than a small cherry one) or a full grown zucchini (remind me of that when/if I whine that we have too much of it!). Yay!

Looking back at what's happened this month, there have definitely been more positives than negatives. It's interesting sometimes how the negatives can overshadow the positive.

Off to a positive, and happy July!!


Briana said...

Wow! You've had quite the month. Here's to a fantastic July!!!

Courtney Walsh said...

Oh, I am right there with you!!!! Come on, July, be BETTER than your predecessor!!! :)

It has to get better, right? I'm so sorry it's been so rough. I do relate, so at least I'm in good company with the bad stuff, right?

Ack! Have a great 4th of July weekend!