Right Now I'm....

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Melissa Bolton (of Designher Brands and Adored Before fame) posted something to her blog today that caused me to pause and think.

How many of my Facebook "friends" do I really know? I mean... know.

I have several categories of "friends", one of which includes "unknown" because let's face it... sometimes we have no clue who it is that is sending us a friend request. I accept all requests because I don't know if it's for work, or if its for play.

I am pleased to report that for the most part, I know many of my friends and I "know of" many of the others.

That being said, I'd LOVE to know more about all of them!

Melissa posted several prompts, answered them and then asked that some of us do the same. She said something that has really, really stuck in my mind.

"...I have always maintained that every single person has something of worth to share with the world..."

I love that! There is something of worth that every single person on this planet has to share with the world.

Here are my responses to Melissa's prompts. I'd love it if you would copy and paste the same prompts to your blog and share yourself with us too.

Really, I would love it!

Right now, I’m:
Wearing ~ yoga pants and a "freebie" UNT huge t-shirt.
Drinking ~ Sugar Free Rockstar. (I forgot to put Diet Coke in the fridge and it was there!)
Listening To ~ Fred, upstairs in his room, yelling and trying to convince me he doesn't need a nap.
Wondering ~ what today's results will be. (I'm having another procedure done later this afternoon. To say I'm both incredibly nervous and calm at the same time is an oxymoron, but it is what it is.)
Thinking ~ how blessed I am to be so loved and with friends who both get and support me.
Feeling ~ a bit nervous, but calm that all will work out according to His will.
Wishing ~ my art room/studio was better organized so that I could pop up there and create in the small snippets of free time I have. I'm also wishing I wasn't such a "collector" and could really get into and love a simpler way of living. (I'm getting there!!)
Hoping ~ I get the laundry folded and actually put away.
Planning on ~ taking Fred to the park, despite the Texas heat. 
Aggravated by ~ people who refuse to see the positive in life or who constantly complain (even about the things they offer to do).
Most passionate about ~ cooking, sharing with others, and loving my family.
Wanting ~ to be the best person I can be.I am enough, right now - today. I don't need to compare myself to others and measure myself to them. It is okay to not be like others, and to enjoy myself as I am.
Dreaming Of ~ a relaxing family vacation.
Wishing I was ~ free of debt, guilt and these last few pounds.*
Wanting to be ~ more organized* and better at self control.
Needing ~ just a bit more time in each day (or better time management skills-ha)*.
Trying to ~ figure out ways to both be a great mother to my gorgeous son and still feel like I'm maintaining my own identity.
Wanting to try ~ more home improvement projects, and expanding the garden.
Most thankful for ~ My family. I am incredibly blessed with not one, or two families but three. (My family, my husbands family, and my birth/biological family)
Giving up on ~ worrying what everyone else thinks. My husband often reminds me that the only opinions and things that matter are within our family and the walls of our home. The world, our "friends" and others opinions really do not matter.

Interestingly, many of Melissa's responses to her prompts were very same answers I would have also given. Most of them I went ahead and changed. However, the ones marked with an asterisk are her initial answers that I completely agree with and feel the same about.


Melissa Bolton said...

YAY! Thanks for sharing. I loved reading your answers-and as much as you thought yours were similar to mine-the ones YOU posted were oh-so-relatable. {especially the craft room, organization, simplifying bit}
I'm so glad you shared! It's great to know we're all alike in so many ways! <3 Melissa

jackie said...

Thanks for sharing these answers to the all so real questions we all face!