Miter Me Baby.....

I'm working on the finishing touches of getting the class kits ready for my upcoming classes in Oklahoma City, at the fabulous Paper Crown store.

I even pulled out our miter saw and cut the wood for the bases of the soldered houses in my "Home Sweet Home" class.




No joke.

I measured twice, and cut once.

Hoooray for me!

I am so looking forward to this class, and getting to just be with the friends who "get" me.

I know, that you know what I mean.

That is, if you're crafty/creative too.

The weekend after next, Paper Crown will be holding one of their famous "Glitter Market" events. I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate. I won't physically be there (well, I'm 95% sure I won't be there. Life has a strange way of changing up lately), but my work will be there.

A small selection anyway.

I've been BUSY working on things here at home, and haven't had the time I wish I had to dedicate to creating exclusively for Glitter Market. I'm going to keep working though, and send a few things via my favorite courier, FedEx.

Those are some fast moving people.

P.S. If you're one of my students in my "Home Sweet Home" class, be sure to bring the tools mentioned here. You're going to need them!

P.P.S. I got out a belt sander and sanded each base too. All by myself. I know... I am A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

P.P.P.S. If you are a female, and you use power tools all the time, please do not burst my bubble. :) Thank you!


Gabeez said...

U R "AWESOME"..............


Alisa said...

Haha... I think you're pretty A.MAZ.ING.
My Farmboy tries to herd me away from sharp/cutting tools. (he know my grace-levels pretty well) But sometimes I like to sneak out there and use things when he's not looking.

jackie said...

Your the BEST! I can't wait to see you for a few minutes either tomorrow or saturday...........Drive Safe1

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

Way to go Heather!!! I so wish I could come down and take the class or just come down and see you!! Have a fun time!!!

Jemellia H said...

Wow! You are an awesome woman!