Email... Oh How I Love Thee...

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Email is a wonderful thing.

It's hard to remember my life without it.

For the record, I do remember a time (so maybe I was like...5) when email wasn't in existence. (No, really, it was more like my later years of high school. I remember when my mom first got a dial up internet connection into our home in Miesenbach, Germany).

But then, I moved to the United States, and thanks to the awesomness of the computer lab at school, I learned about the internet and even more about a wonderful invention called electronic mail.

Through this fantastic invention (do you remember when Vice President Gore claimed to have invented the internet? I still find that ridiculously hilarious!), I was able to maintain communication with my parents (who still lived in Germany), sharing my college experiences with them, and even more importantly - ask for more money.

As the years have gone on, email has been an integral part of my life.

Really, it has.

It's how my birth mother and I communicated when we were first united. I loved it because it gave me the opportunity to get to know her, but on my time and on my terms. It was easy and simple to do - just type out what I wanted to know, answer her questions, and hit send.

And then, wait for a response back.

No more stamps and waiting for the post office to get my envelope to me. Just boot up the computer and open my email program.

I've always used Yahoo! for email. It's always been good to me. A few years ago, I even upgraded my free email to Yahoo!Mail Plus so that I'd have more memory and less ads. It was worth every cent I spent on it (and continue to spend on it each year as I renew it).

10 years ago this past September 11th, I was traveling on my first (of many) solo business trip. My flight took off without a hitch and soon we were enroute. As we all know, and will forever remember, any flight in the air was grounded due to the tragic events caused by ruthless people.

During this time, it was near impossible to get a phone call out. Landlines were slammed, and mobile phones couldn't get connections out.

The one thing that didn't fail me, and that helped me get word to my huge family and friends was email.

Through email I was able to quickly share that my flight had been grounded, that I was in Atlanta, Georgia, and then relay my experiences with everyone, and in one message rather than having to replay the scene a gazillion times.

Email helped me maintain my sanity, and find comfort during a time of tragedy, stress, and loss.

To this day, the first thing I tend to do every morning, is check my email.

I can't imagine my life without it!!

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