Fun Times & Notes from Paper Crown

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of traveling up to Oklahoma City, and teaching/visiting with my friends at Paper Crown. I so much enjoy the ladies I've met, and the friends I've made up there. I always leave feeling uplifted and wishing I lived closer.

Before, during and after each of my soldering classes, we talked about several art events, sites, and classes. So much so, that instead of spelling out or writing down the links, I promised I'd share them here on my blog.

So... here's what we talked about!
  • Brave Girls Camp - I have not attended this camp, but am hopeful to attend in the future. I have heard NOTHING but amazing things about this event, the team who puts it together, and the life affirming changes that occur in the lives of those who attend it. It is on my bucket list.
  • Soul Restoration - I just read that if you register for the April Soul Restoration I class, or the Soul Restoration II class (which starts in June) by March 1st, you could win one really amazing prize!! I am planning to take Soul Restoration II to continue my "restoration" process. I gained a LOT during the first class (as we talked about), and it helped me realize and recognize many key areas in my life. I can honestly say, that this class did help me change my life. For real.
  • A Gilded Life - My friends Shea and Debbie who live in a gothic style Methodist church, that they worked to renovate. They and their incredible studio is currently in this month's issue of Where Women Create.
  • Scarlet Lime Kit Club and the She Art online mixed media class - This is where I referred you guys to get canvas's, neo color crayons, and awesomely coordinated kits. Registration for the She Art class closes tonight, and class starts tomorrow!
  • Art of Spring - The event by the gals at A Gilded Life. The event is completely sold out. I am SO sorry!
  • The Creative Connection Event - If I could only attend one event each year, this is the one I would choose - hands down! I will be there!!
  • Gilded Girl Stash Society - The high end, vintage inspired monthly kit we talked about. Currently, the society is completely sold out. But, I have it on good authority that a few new spots are being added next month! If you're interested, ask to be put on the waiting list!
  • Paper Cowgirl - This is an art event held in Waxahachie, Texas each June. It's organized by Cindy and her team. Mendy Mitrani is teaching the digital art class we talked about. This is the event that Ann Denise will also be teaching at.
  • Digital Editing/Scrapbooking Classes - Hands down, the best online digi-scrapping/how to edit photos class I've taken is at Scrapbook Alchemy, a site owned and operated by Jessica Sprague.
  • Little Light Studio - I learned 90% of my blog design skills by taking Wilna's Bling Out Your Blog class.

I think that's all of topics we discussed! If I missed anything, shoot me a message and I'll add it! And, to think that with all the fun discussions we had, you all soldered too!

All of the class photos are courtesy of Jackie Peters, Oklahoma's Premier Paper Artist. She is really one heck of amazing artist and teacher. She also has a very, very inspiring blog.  LOVE that girl!

P.P.S. To the group of women that I had the absolute pleasure of dining with on Friday night... I had an amazing time! Thank you!!!!


jackie said...

You are one amazing gal! Loved the week end to.........

Lisa said...

Great post Heather! Thanks for all the information.

Maria said...

I absolutely LOVED your classes. I am confident that I'll master the soldering thing soon... or perhaps later! I did, you know, have the BEST teacher ever... the Soldering Queen...etc!

Paper Crown said...

I'm still just tickled pink that you drive all the way up here to teach- yipee! We love having you teach and just hanging out with us. Is it April yet?!