Soldering Student Supplies

Next weekend, I have the pleasure of driving up to Oklahoma City and teaching once again at the infamous Paper Crown. During this trip, I will be teaching an introductory/basic soldering class and an intermediate class.

I can't wait!

I love the girls at Paper Crown.

They're smart and SO fun! (And Cindy keeps Diet Coke stocked in the fridge. Hello! HEAVEN!)

Anyway... all of the supplies and art needed for my introductory/basic class are included in the cost of the class.

'Cause that's how I roll.

However, Intermediate students need to bring their basic soldering supplies with them. (I'll take care of everything else)

Just in case you're one of my Intermediate students, and you don't have your supply kit yet, I'm going to share where I get all my stuff.

Robin with Glass Supplies on etsy is awesome. She really is. I wish I got SOME KIND of kickback or perk for sending you to her, but I don't.


But, I keep sending friends and students to her because she really really is awesome.

Her customer service and prices are phenomenal. (She also refunds shipping if it turns out that your package ships for less than you were charged.)

And, that just can't be beat.

Ever. ( I will ALWAYS stick by great customer service. Always!)

So, with that, these are the items that Intermediate students need to bring with them to class.

  • TileWork Surface (at least 12"x12" in size, but a prefer a 12"x18" one. Pick one up at your local Home Supply store.. ie Lowe's or Home Depot. Any tile will do.)
  • Soldering Iron* (I prefer, after much MUCH trial and error, the Weller 100)
  • Soldering Iron Stand*
  • Flux & Flux Brush*
  • Lead-Free Solder* (I use DGS)
  • Salammoniac Block (Sal Block)*
  • Burnishing Tool* (a Fid or a wide orange stick will work)
  • Clamps (I use wooden clothespins)
  • Bent Nosed Hemostats*

Everything marked with an asterix (*) can be found on Robin's etsy store. She has generously listed several complete kits with the items I recommend to my basic/introductory students.  The only thing you need to add to the kit is the bent nosed hemostat. However, I suggest that if you are placing an order for a kit (or basic supplies), you also order additional glass (1"x1" and 1.5"x1.5" are the most popular sizes. 2"x3" makes awesome ornaments and gifts) and copper tapes to save on shipping and 'waiting time' (I'm an impatient kind of girl). We will be using the 1/2" black backed, 1/2" silver backed copper tapes and the scalloped/wavy edged tape in the intermediate class.

That's about it! If you have any questions, comment to this post (making sure I have a way to respond back to you, please) and I'll get your questions answered as soon as I can.

See you soon!

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