I'm working hard to create new habits and trying new (to me) things.

Creating healthy and beneficial habits are increasingly important to me.

One of the things I'm working on is trying to not be so attached to technology and the internet.

This means... keeping off of my smart phone, and off of my computer.

I'm "unplugging."

It's a whole lot harder than I ever thought it would be.

For real.

Really, for real.

But, I am getting much more done in my home, and that is really more important. I have set several times a day where I sit down and can check things online, and respond to pressing issues.

I even remember to set a timer.

Yep, a real timer.

For real.

So, if you find me away from the 'net or taking longer to respond to emails, that's why.

I will respond to you though! I promise!

It just might take a bit longer than you're used to.

Coming tomorrow is a post about other new things I'm trying out.

One of them has quite literally caused me a lot of pain.


No joke. Two days later and I'm still in pain.


Maria said...

I have to agree that technology can steal hours per day... ! So much inspiration & information... but time does fly by. I'm cutting back a bit myself, but not in such a determined way. I hope your pain isn't anything serious/bad. XOXO-Maria

Maria said...

Hope your pain isn't anything serious/bad. XOXO-Maria

jackie said...

I bet your trying to DT off of Diet Coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I right?

Jennifer Williams said...

I always find it interesting how hard it truly is to stay off the computer or phone. I try to do one day a week, usually Sunday, where I stay away as much as possible.

Funny, the emails are still there when I get back...