Favorite Things, Day 14: My Incredible, Amazing, and Awesome Parents

During  the month of December,  I am setting a goal to post each day with one  of my favorite  somethings. It could be a favorite food, a favorite  thing, a favorite  person, a favorite blog, a favorite handmade thing, a  favorite place...  really a favorite any and everything!   Join me as I review my favorites during December 2010! I'd love to read about your favorites too!

If you've had the chance to meet, hang out with,  or just plain enjoy my parents you know whey they're some of my favorite people. Ever.

Ever. Ever. Ever.

Granted, growing up my mom and I did not read from the same page. Like many pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults I had better different ideas when compared to those of my parents (specifically my mom). 

Now that I've matured aged, I can see how the ideas my parents had so many years ago, would have made my life much easier. If only I had chosen to follow them.

Live and learn right?

Today marks my parents 37th wedding anniversary. 37 years! Amazing in today's world, isn't it?!?

They're both so amazing. Truly.

My mom can whip up an incredible meal out of thin air - err well maybe out of her pantry. (Well let's be real... I did pay attention when she taught how to keep a well stocked pantry). She can plan an event, and have it go off without a hitch, with her eyes closed. She can organize and run an organization without breaking a sweat. Mom can sing a strong alto, play the piano and organ, she can lead the congregation, or direct the choir. She can sew anything you need overnight. (ummm.. not that I have ever, ever, EVER been guilty of only giving her short, emergency deadlines or anything!) She is one hell of an incredible woman. No joke.

My dad is pretty snazzy too. After retiring from the Air Force after a long successful career, he decided to go back to college and get another degree, but in counseling this time. (The joke in our family is that he's been counseling us for years - whether we wanted it or not. Now, people pay him for it.  Maybe we should have paid attention all those years). So, now he's a counselor. He's always been REALLY into music. He can sing a bad (as in good) tenor, and a strong bass. He can also lead a congregation in song, or direct a choir. He plays the guitar, trumpet, harmonica, and several other instruments.  He really can be good at listening to your issues and giving advice (even if you're just wanting to vent).

I love to listen to my parents sing. I mean LOVE it. I love listening to them harmonizing with each other, and watching them queue each other as to when they'll take a solo part or when they should sing together. It's beautiful. Really.

My parents have always welcomed anyone and everyone (well with a few exceptions) into their home. "There's always room/food/space/love for one more" is something I've heard come out of my mothers mouth, on more than several occasions. (Even when I would show up for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with soldiers or co-workers with me... without giving her any notice... again... not that I am guilty of it...)

Growing up, my parents set an excellent example of what a good relationship and marriage should be. Right down to kissing in front of everyone.

Yes, everyone. Even my friends.

Back then I thought it was disgusting.

Looking back, it really was sweet. It was important to my parents that all of us children knew that they loved each other.

You did NOT talk disrepectfully to my mother if my father was anywhere around.

By around, I meant... in the country.

'Cause if you did... he would scare the tar out of you. That man has a way of making sure that his kids (and anyone else around us) knows that you do NOT disrespect his wife.

Or you'll have him to deal with.

Dealing with my dad is NOT pleasant. Nor is he physical in any way. But, he has a way making sure you know what he is talking about, and getting his point across, with his voice.

If you know him now, it's hard to imagine he can be that way. I'm sure if you crossed his path with disrespect for my mother, you would know.

So, just don't try it. 'kay?

'Cause my Daddy taught me to protect my mother. And I really don't want to scare or hurt you.


Robin Thomas said...

Sounds wonderful. It is really such a blessing to have two parents, much less parents that can cook, sing and kiss. It explains a lot about how wonderful you are Heather.

Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...


My parents divorced a decade ago, but my husband's parents have been married for 35 years now and I love that I have a great example of a couple who still loves each other and respects each other after all this time. Something to aspire to.

I've been loving your favorite things posts. Such an inspiration!

happyhome43 said...

I couldn't describe your parents any better, they are absolutely FANTASTIC!! They are everything I could have wanted for you and more. Having them as an example I know your marriage will last for eternity also. They welcomed me into the family like I had always been there and I feel so close to them. Your Mom is one amazing person, and the cooking, plan thing ... your wedding reception preparation is a fine example. She came with coolers in hand and we didn't stop until the wee hours and all was ready to lay out the spread. Thank you for sharing all your stories and thoughts where they are concerned, I love them as I do you. You definitely are your Mother's daughter.

jackie said...

You are a sweet daughter to say such wonderful words about your parents. They raised you right and they sound like amazing people. One of these days I would love to meet them. I know they are wonderful people because of knowing what kind of person you are.
Can you believe you could be me daughter. Tom and I have been married for 37 years.............amazing when you find the right person!