Feeling Disappointed...

Over the last few days, I've been looking back on past entries and working on blog redesign ideas while beating the bug that's flying around our neighborhood. It's really no fun when your body is fighting you and you feel like your head is getting ready to implode - but I tried to make do.

And, being true to my completely type A personality, I can't just sit around and do nothing. Seriously. I know. Something is wrong with me. (Don't be too shocked but, I did manage to sleep for a good 15 or 16 hours - if anything, it's an annual occurrence for me)

So working on my blog it has been.

And, when I asked a few friends to give me their advice on main subjects, one of them kindly reminded me that I haven't been sharing my craft projects on my blog - that I hadn't shared any projects in a looooong time!

You know what? I went back over my blog to check things out for myself, and shut my mouth wide open - SHE WAS RIGHT!!!

The reason why I started this blog, way back in 2005, was to share creative ideas and things I had made. Of course, way back then it was going to be about scrapbooking and stuff (and the blog before this one was all about scrapbooking).

I'm feeling disappointed in myself for getting away from what I had originally intended. I create all the time! I mean ALL.THE.TIME! My friends and coworkers constantly comment about how creative they think I am, and how I'm so "Martha Stewart" (and they add on... in a "good way" - as if there was a "bad way"!) or "of course you made that". It saddens me to realize that I haven't shared those things here, my online journal.

And, to be honest, the world of Facebook has made it incredibly easy to update one's status with photos rather than updating one's blog!

Please don't think that I think I'm some wonder woman at making stuff. I'm not. I'm just like most of you - I need to make something to release stress. Some people work out, some travel, some drink, some eat, some sleep - I create. (I eat too, and my pants are rather snug so I need to work out and eat less also!) I sew, I cook, I make jewelry, I make cards, I play with paper - I do so much that I haven't shared.

With those thoughts in mind, I'm going to commit myself to being better at sharing what I've made.


Maija said...

Don't forget that in this 'lost time" you made Freddie!!!

Suz said...

Heather, it is good to see you back! I checked at just the right time. I am really looking forward to seeing some of your craft projects!

Kim Caldwell said...

Your such a sweetie Miss Heather! I love reading it all. We are a package deal, yes?

Hugs, Kim

Jeanne Oliver said...

I can't wait to see some of your new projects!!