What I Love About You: 14 Reason Why I Love You... the Steve Edition

Today is Valentine's Day and as I think back over the years and the different ways I've celebrated this Hallmark holiday, I can't help but think how today (and the last 4 years since we've been married) I get to celebrate with you.

Granted, I don't need Valentine's Day for you to tell or show me that you love me. You do it every day and in ways I didn't realize I would come to know as signs. I don't need roses, chocolates, or jewelry to know that you love me - I already know and am confident in that knowledge.

That being said... here are 14 reasons why I love you, my husband.

14. You do 95% of our household laundry because you see how crazy busy I am. You even bought me a label machine for me to label my drawers and you would know where my clean clothes go.
13. You give me time to have "me" time, on my own without any pressure or guilt and you support me in my creative endeavors - even when they sprawl out of my room.
12. You are smart and loyal.
11. When I think I'm a horrible mother, you remind me that we're in this together and that I am a great mother.
10. You try to fix things yourself, even when you know we should just suck it up and call a professional.
9. You love me despite my faults.
8. You are an amazing father to our son.
7. You encourage me to continue moving forward when I think all hope is lost. (you're always right too - hope is not lost)
6. You buy me Sonic drinks when I need them but definitely don't deserve them.
5. When I'm stressed out about work, you give me a hug and tell me to quit.
4. When ever I'm feeling insecure in our relationship, and in your expectations (or what I perceive your expectations are), you cover me in a bear hug, tell me I am exactly what you want, and try to find out where the source of my insecurities are.
3. You work hard to provide for us, for our future, and so much more.
2. When not stressed, you are optimistic to a fault.
1. You are my husband, my one and only, and I love you forever and ever + infinity x 3.

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