Coming Soon... My Holiday Home!

Aaack! The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, my Bella ornaments are on their special tree, the little trees are out and festooned in their holiday lights, the stairway banisters are decked out with lighted garlands, the tables are set, and little vignettes are set up in their holiday cheer - but alas my digital camera memory card and reader are in my computer at work! What a bugger thing to have happen! Of course, it doesn't help that I've been out sick with the ick for the last two days, does it?

Regardless, tonight when I arrive home from work, my number one priority will be to take photos of our home decorated in it's holiday finest.

Alas, I still don't have a wall, but our home is feeling festive anyway. I'm hopeful that we'll have a wall by Christmas. If not, I'll definitely have it by my birthday - if I have to hang the drywall myself!

Be sure to pop on back over - I even have a few pieces of special Blog Swag to share!

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I'm sorry that you and your camera are sick! I wondered why I hadn't heard from you today about the party. I will add you anyway, with a note for people to check back, ok?