Finally... my Holiday Home!

I know it's late, and I'm very sorry! Things have taken a complete change at work and suddenly I'm in a new position {though temporary - I think} with a huge amount of responsibility and leadership/guidance required. I'm hoping this is a good thing for me - maybe? As a result, my fun, down time is almost completely non-existant. Boo Hoo!

I planned to have a gorgous photo of some Blog Swag to give away. Alas, no time - no time! However, I do plan to share in the holiday spirit with something. I'm not going to be specific at this point, because in reality things might change. I do know that it will surely be advent-urous to say the very least though!

To enter, please leave a comment with your name, state, and what your favorite thing about the Christmas season is.

Thanks for visiting!

1. Christmas Tree 4, 2. Dining Room 2, 3. Christmas Tree, 4. Christmas Tree 2, 5. Brush Tree 2, 6. Feather Tree 1, 7. Angel Candle, 8. Advent House 2, 9. 2005 Christmas Tree, 10. Linzer Torte Cookies, 11. Work Advent Calendar 2, 12. Nook Decor2, 13. Little Forest 2, 14. Little Forest 1, 15. Holiday Home Tour 1, 16. Fireplace 2

6 comments: said...

Family being together my favourite. Your home is lovely. Good luck with the new job. Merry Christmas and Blessings - Rachael:)

Anonymous said...

Tradition. Yes, tradition is one of my favorite things about the Christmas holiday. Many things come and many things go ... but so many families keep the tradition. I love that most people are happier and kinder this time of year. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Maija said...

One of my favorite times over the holidays has always been the Christmas meal we share with my parents.

Jill said...

Oh Heather! Your home is gorgeous. My favorite thing about Christmas is being with family... the warmth... the love... the music.
Were we supposed to tell you our state? Nebraska!

Valita said...

My favorite this about Christmas is beign the my family and watching my niece and nephew open and play with their gifts.

Jodie said...

Beautiful home!! My favorie thing about Christmas....traditions. Also celebrating the birth of our savior and being with my family :)

Jodie, NY