It's a ...

Nurse Addy, originally uploaded by heather_ales.


No, not for Steve and I! My fabulous younger sister Bekki Boo and her husband Shaun have blessed us with another child to spoil rotten! Gosh how I love those kids!

What a gorgeous baby! Seriously! Addyson Celeste was born on my brother Roberts birthday (which means he gets to stay 29 years old forever - LUCKY!). She was supposed to make her grand appearance during Silver Bella on November 9th. However, like her other siblings (Arissa - 6, Michael - 4, and Ainsley - 2) she had to come early.

I'm jealous of Bekki Boo - she arrived at the hospital just 20 minutes before delivering Addy. I guess when you go to deliver your 4th child, it's easy or something. She didn't even have time to get any pain medication - and she's a ER nurse. Talk about not getting any bonus points with that one! Sheeeesh!

I'm just pleased as punch that Miss Addy has come to join our already crazy family. She's a welcome addition and as gorgeous as they come!


Kristy said...

Congrats on your new niece! She is adorable.

Anonymous said...

what a sweet little dolly, she'll be glittering and gluing with Aunt Heather befor eyou know it!