Announcing... Something Splendid!

A few weeks back, I asked for some creative ideas for my new etsy/craft fair venture. So many of you sent me wonderful creative responses, for which I am very grateful. I loved so many of them! Paper Divinity from Teresa, Charming Creations from Holly, Inspiring Creations from April - so many of them really. I had my mind set on one name, and started the design process for a logo and other miscellaneous store based grass routes marketing stuff.

Then, Kathy J. mentioned that something in my request stood out. If you recall, I said I wanted to find a great name - something that would be splendid. She suggested going with the name 'Something Splendid." I immediately thought it was a fun and creative name, and started to percolate on the idea. Then, my mother, who is the most tender hearted person of all time emailed me to share that she really loved the name "Something Splendid" also, but didn't want to post it to my blog because she was afraid she would hurt one of your tender feelings (see she's so thoughtful like that). She thought it sounded like something I would say, and that it sounded like "me". And so "Something Splendid" it came to be!

I've loaded a few small things into my etsy store which were remaining from the craft fair here at work. I don't know how to post a link from Flickr (as that's where I'm currently updating from), but there is a link in the right side tool bar directly to my etsy store. I have lots of ideas of things to add soon - including the Silver Bella soldered charms that so many of you asked for. The incredible Teresa McFayden has given me her permission and blessing in creating them - how amazingly sweet is that of her? Love that woman - seriously!

So... Something Splendid is on it's way! Thank you for all of your great suggestions and fabulous ideas! I loved them all!

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Kristy said...

I love it! Looking forward to many splendid somethings.