Ahhhh new stamps... be still my heart...

Today is a great day!

I'm a huge stamping fan - it's really no suprise to those of you who know me well. I started stamping when I was living in Wiesbaden. There were two ladies at church who were serious stampers. In all honesty, I thought they were beyond strange - they loved their stamps with such fervor and intensity. It was hilarious to me, a young girl at the time that someone could be so passionate about a crafty hobby.

Well, in reality the joke was, and remains to be, on me.

I'm a huge stamper.

In fact, it was stamping that led me into scrapbooking and soon led me into the world of designing and working with manufacturers.

Recently, I discovered a stamping company that has really tickled my fancy - Papertrey or PAPERTREYink.

I placed my first order a few weeks before CHA and didn't have time to play with them until I got home. Admittedly, I was worried because the quality of acrylic stamps can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. My worries were completely unfounded.

Papertrey stamps are high quality clear acrylic stamps. They come in the best storage tin ever (in my not-so-humble at times opinion) - a clear CD case. This tickled me because that's my current storage method of choice for the majority of my unmounted stamps. (I still use my S-Purse for specific stamps like Technique Tuesday shapes, Autumn Leaves, and the infamous $1 stamps you can find at Michaels and JoAnns.).

Anyway, each month on the 15th, they release a new collection of stamps. Boy are they fabulous. I can't wait to place my order! They also started to carry both Maya Road Velvet Blossoms and Blossom Sheers. They're great additions to the line of products they carry. I really love what they've done in their gallery with samples!

Anyway, an online community I started to recently lurk on (Splitcoaststampers.com) is holding a pre-launch party/thread and are chatting about the releases and generally just getting excited about the new stuff.

So, to join in their excitement, I figure I can send out at least a few sample packages of Maya Road Blossom Sheers and Velvet Flowers - I mean, it's the least I can do as a MR Design Team member, right?

So, post your name and where you're from. Tommorrow morning before I leave for work, I'll post a winner to my little contribution to the excitement.


Lorie W. said...

Hey, welcome to SCS. It's a fabulous community. I live just north of Dallas. Can't wait to see the new Maya Road flowers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, Welcome to SCS. I love PapertreyInk and just ordered the new flower set and some of the Maya Road Clear flowers. Can't wait to get them. I live in the Great Pacific Northwest in a place called Silverdale, WA. It's located across the water from Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I think these flowers are so cute, I can't wait until they are available. Unfortunately Papertrey is all sold out. I live in NY

this is so very sweet of you to do. Good luck to everyone!

I promise to give the flowers a loving home if I win :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! I live in Hawaii - waiting for the hurricane to go by. And I would love to see those flowers in real life. Thanks for this opportunity!

Jennifer said...

Gonna have to check Papertrey out... I too am a stamper at heart. :-)