Oh my... I'm "famous"... well kinda...

It's a great day!

This weekend we had Donna Downey visiting us over at The Scrapbook Pad (have I told you often enough how this is my favorite job??). Talk about CRAZY crops! I love being the store's Event's Coordinator and sometimes Crop Hostess (I'll be back on a regular store schedule in September). This wekeend, I was more than a little ... um .... in rare form both nights. Seriously. Here are a few photos from Donna's blog.

Yes, that's me - and of course my partner in papercrafting crime (though she's digital now), assisting me with my surfing skills. Yes I'm in a pink feather boa, and yes I am most certainly wearing a 'drag queen worthy' tiara. BUT, it was all for promoting Scrap Pink! Seriously!

Yes, I almost surfed right into Donna. Yikes!

Honestly, I am a dork. We were all supposed to be doing our "Elsie" poses... um... do you think we achieved it? Seriously. What on earth was I thinking?


Kimla Kay said...

Oh my gosh....you guys seriously looked like you had loads of fun! I'm so bummed that I missed this event!!

Maija said...

You look pretty in your pink boa and tiara!!

Unknown said...

he he he
"elsie pose"
he he he he!
(love the tiara and boa...really, no girl should leave hte hosue without them!)