What I Love About You

Well it IS Valentine's Day, and I won't be seeing my cute boy - aka my husband Steve. Since I know he checks in with my blog, here are 25 things I love about you Cute Boy!
  1. Hearing you say Kuss Kuss.
  2. Watching you with my nieces and nephew and realizing what a great Dad you’ll someday be.
  3. How you obsess over the house heat gauge, but not yelling at me when I turn it up.
  4. How you think that Battlestar Gallactica is real, serious entertainment.
  5. How you come into my studio, and sitting down to just be with me.
  6. How you don’t understand how much I get done around the house, but will bug me to sit down and just relax.
  7. How you worry about my health, and my overall well being.
  8. How you call me into our bedroom to help you find your glasses (or your retainer, or your keys, or your wallet, or your employee badge) – which have only been off of your face (or out of your possession) for 5 minutes.
  9. How you love to have breakfast waiting for me – and the deliciousness of chocolate dipped donuts (and thinking that drinking orange juice with them makes them healthier).
  10. How you make up and sing silly, WAY off key songs to me – just to make me smile.
  11. How you enjoy snuggling with me.
  12. How you tell me that “you’re going to blog about this aren’t you?”
  13. How you scour the house looking for candy, but don’t think to look in the most logical place – the candy jar.
  14. 3’s
  15. How you call me at work, and ask me “What’s Up?”
  16. How you forget entire conversations we’ve had.
  17. That you call me “Heather Bear.”
  18. How you refuse to take medicine when you’re sick even though we both know it’ll make you feel much better.
  19. How you can’t send out any store bought cards to your family – they have to be “Heather Made” (P.S. My family doesn’t even get them! I’m YEARS behind in ALL kinds of cards!)
  20. How you cutely pouting when I take away your pan of sweets or when I try to explain that I can’t cuddle and cook dinner at the same time.
  21. Your ticklish feet!
  22. How you worry about our future, but are mindful of it and planning for it both financially and mentally.
  23. How you call me your precious cargo, when you’re driving with me in the car.
  24. Loving me with all of your heart, no matter my faults and short comings.
  25. How you are mine and I am yours. Forever and ever… plus one.

I love you, my Husband!


happyhome43 said...

This is the sweetest thing ever! I am so glad you and Steve are this happy, it makes me smile to hear your loving stories. Happy Valentines Day kids! The Other Mother.

SSgtBullsGirl said...

How sweet that you two are so much in love. I wish you both years of happiness. I miss you!
Le Anne Bull

Jill said...

jeepers! this gave me shivers! how lucky the two of you are to have found one another!