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Warning: Lots of updating going on. It’s going to be a LONG post – so consider yourself warned!

In case you haven’t been affected – there’s a cold spell going around. Texas has been converted into an ice box, and people just don’t know how to handle it. Up here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, schools closed and/or are on major delays, offices are closing and some are staying open just to see who makes it in. Grocery shelves are bare – who knew that Cinnamon Toast Crunch was such a cold weather necessity!

The first of the north Texas storms started coming in last Saturday. It was just lots of rain and very cold winds. The problems started when the temperatures dropped at night, causing everything to start freezing. Sunday, it was still very cold and wet, but things were thawed out. Monday however, brought us LOTS of cold, hard rain. Tuesday was full of the same, so by the time Wednesdays chill arrived the weather was pure misery. The water hadn’t had time to evaporate yet, and everything was frozen. Bridges, overpasses, streets, sidewalks, doors, locks, windshields – everything was coated with ice.

When I first heard of the impending storm, I thought of Ohio winters. If an Ohio winter storm ever hit Texas, people would end up in mental institutions out of fright and worry. Seriously. It’s not so unusual to get 12” of snow in one night and not have schools cancelled or delayed. Everything runs just as normal, and they survive. Amazing isn’t it? Fortunately, things have finally started thawing out.

Yesterday, my co-worker team of about 60+ employees was reduced to 11. Nice, eh? There are some days where living 5 miles from work is not a positive thing. I would love to have been able to stay home and enjoy a "snow" day (err... make that ice day!) for once! Today, things seem to have thawed out. Everyone is back at work and life is chugging along.

With all of this cold, wet and otherwise yucky weather going on, I spent my birthday indoors (for the most part. I did manage to make it to church!), warm and toasty. We had a lovely dinner of beef and vegetable soup – crock pot style (still it remains the most used wedding gift!) accompanied by fresh bread. It was perfect for such a cold day, even if it was my birthday, and even if I had to cook it myself. Steve would have taken me to dinner, but quite honestly, it was TOO cold (I’m really turning into a Texas girl and leaving my Ohio girl behind!) and I didn’t want to get out of my warm, toasty, comfy clothes! I requested a rain check for dinner – it’ll be great to have for another day when I want to go out and he doesn’t!

My birthday was delightful – even with the nasty weather. I was able to catch up on some television shows I hadn’t seen yet, play in my studio, and work with some awesome new products that will be “released” next week at CHA.

Some of you have asked if I would be attending CHA-Winter this year, and I’ve decided not to. Attending as an independent Designer is a little bit different than attending as a retailer or as an exhibitor (i.e. service provider or manufacturer). I would be there to promote myself, my design capabilities, and work towards obtaining additional design contracts and work. Exhibitors are there to showcase their product lines to retailers and other sales force. Rather than taking their sales time up with my self promotion, I’m going to stay home and work on other ways to showcase my portfolio. I’m sure I’ll regret my decision when I hear of all the incredible new products that were released, and that I could have played with (or at least seen for myself). But, I’m okay with it.

My work will still be seen at CHA, although some of it will be un-credited. As a ‘public’ member of the Maya Road Design Team, you’ll be able to recognize my name and work in their booth – in addition to the other members of our incredible team. (Seriously, there’s some really fun and exciting stuff coming out there!) My work will also be displayed with other exhibitors, only without my name. That’s one of the great things about freelancing design work. I get to play with and enjoy using products, and using stock photos, but my name is not always attached to the project. For some, it’s not a great route to travel – but for me, it’s great and the arrangement works out well for us both.

By the way, sneak peeks of the new Maya Road CHA-Winter product releases start TODAY! Keep your eyes open! I’ll start sharing later today!

By the way, don't forget to check the Maya Road Design Team blog! Lots of great ideas were shared by the design team!

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