Maya Road Sneak Peeks

Okay gals, so starting today, you'll be able to find some fun sneak peeks of the new Maya Road CHA Winter product releases sprouting up on various message boards and blogs. Today, all of the designers will be sharing a canvas that we each designed of ourselves. Everyone started with the same 9"x12" canvas, was asked to include their name and a photo of themselves. Other than that, we were given free reign as to what products to use. Of course, it's a given that we'll use our favorite Maya Road products. On it, I've used two of the new products that are being released, in addition to some of my all time favorites!

Edited to Add: dag nabbit! For some reason blogger isn't letting me add photos from my work computer. Check back later today to see it - I'll try to get it uploaded from another computer at lunch or later tonight!!


Anonymous said...

Love the layout!!! Love it! Can't ait to see their new stuff next week!

Anonymous said...

oh my, I love the bling bling things you added on your LOs : accents and letters!!!
It's so wow!!!
Merci for sharing!!!
Hope you're well!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Jill said...

Great layout! Hope you have thawed....we here in Omaha are plugging along in the snow. We got plenty of it...unfortunately no school cancellations...thankfully not the ice storms south of us. So glad you had an enjoyable birthday. Stop by and say hi sometime.