Thanksgiving Plans...

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. WOW…. There’s so much to do, and work is going gung ho; so having extra time to be festive and decorative is at a minimum. (riiiight… I’ll probably get a wild hair going on sometime next week and feel the urge to do some major decorating and crafting before Thanksgiving!)

This year, we’re going to have a full house- isn’t that how holidays are supposed to be? One set of Steve’s parents (Russ & Jill) will be flying in this coming Sunday and will be with us for a week. Thomas will be here, as will Kimberlee and James – I’m pretty sure they’re both bringing a few friends along too. We’ve invited a few other couples to join us – seating will definitely be at a premium! We’re not a formal family – so it’ll probably be “squat where you find a spot.”

Despite the tight schedule, I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Our menu is going to be fairly simple this year, but food will be plentiful! So far, our menu will include:

  • Turkey
  • Mashed Potatoes (using Grandma Cash’s yummy make ahead recipe – WAHOO!)
  • Homemade Gravy (using the turkey drippings)
  • Homemade Stuffing (I’m even making the bread for it this year – are you impressed Mom??)
  • Homemade Cranberry Sauce (LOVE it – and it’s so EASY it is to make!)
  • Homemade Rolls (can’t get by without them! It’s a Beste thing!)
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Yams/Sweet Potatoes
  • Corn
  • Frog Eye Salad (It’s a Beste thing…. And it’s so tasty! You might have had it as Pearl Drop Salad)

Of course, that’s all in addition to the plethora of desserts we’ll have. We have a tradition at our house that calls for each person getting their own Thanksgiving pie – whatever pie they want. So, there will be LOTS of pie making going on at my house next week! I think I’m going to invest in the smaller pie tins (I think they’re 5” round) instead of making everyone 8” or 9” pies.

With all this food talk, I really want to get going on Christmas stuff already! My Christmas planner is almost done (thanks to Carolyn Peeler’s class kit from Silver Bella) and sugar plums are dancing around in my head. I want to put the Christmas Tree up now – especially since I have my German wooden ornaments out. Steve just laughs at me. J I love a Christmas house – someday I’ll have one, with a Christmas Tree in every room. I can’t wait! J


Maija said...

Sounds, yummy! I'm coming to your house!

Anonymous said...

Nothing you do ever surprises me any more Sweetpea. I do have to say though, it does seem like a lot of work for a little girl that used to tell me to "simplify, simplify, simplify!" Even talked me into using frozen pie crusts one year for all of my pies - which I do a lot any more. One little eyebrow lift though is the yams. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I remember, you don't like yams. It must be Steve's request. He just gets higher and higher on my list of people of love! However, you are right about one thing. Homemake rolls are a must! Mom

Anonymous said...

You should see my MIL's house at Christmas. She has a tree in every room, and the house just looks like Christmas threw-up on it in general. Of course this is not a bad thing, but it is possible to go overboard...