Tonight is the Night... Emmitt or Mario?

I {love} to dance! I think it's part of the whole showtunes, Broadway, and choir part of me. I love to get my groove on. I don't go out dancing anymore, well not in a very long time (other than while visiting friends in Ohio), but I do dance around the house. Normally, it's late at night, when I'm all alone (Steve's at work) and I've got the cleaning bug. I'll crank up the stereo with some jammin' tunes, and rock out like I'm a teenager.

I'm not a graceful dancer. In fact, I'm somewhat of a clumsy dancer - but I enjoy it just the same. My mother tells me that I have rythmn - which may be correct. But, dancing (at least organized dancing) hasn't ever been easy for me. It's still fun though!

Growing up in Germany, I remember many a dance where everyone did the fox trot (or other ballroom dance) to everything. Yes, everything. There wasn't much of the style of dance we see now. No line dancing. No booty shaking. No girls with their arms around the boys necks, and the boys arms around the girls waist. It was ballroom all the way. Imagine watching a bunch of otherwise modern teenagers and young adults dancing the fox trot to rap. Funny, eh?

You don't see it anymore, and back then I didn't think it was so strange, just a little bit unusual. Now I think it's downright hilarious - it cracks me up when I think about it.

What brings me to this thinking? Ahhhh Dancing with the Stars. I love to watch this ABC show. It's been fun to see each of the couples start out with stumbling and heavy steps to now where they dance with grace and finesse. Each week another couple has been eliminated - I admit to feeling some sorrow as they have left. (Getting to spend so much time dancing - and with a professional partner to boot - must have been a BLAST!!)

Tonight is the grand finale. We'll find out who the champion is! Could it be Mario Lopez or will it be Emmitt Smith? Personally, I find them both to be awesome dancers. They both have rythmn and they both have style. They're both incredibly fit - and quite nice to look at. I admit that Emmitt is my favorite - and not because he's a former Cowboy. It's because of his smile, and because of the personality he displays while dancing. He's awesome.

Go Emmit!

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