Welcome to the new members of the Maya Road 2007 Design Team

Today was the big day - the awaited announcement of the new additions to the 2007 Maya Road Design Team. I am in awe at the talent that applied to be part of our team - the various galleries have been over flowing with incredible projects with really creative ideas. I know the decision was hard for the Maya Road Team of Caroline, Deb, and Jessica - how they managed to narrow it down to the final 6 is beyond me. I know I couldn't have done it! (ETA: it looks like they couldn't narrow it down to 6 either! There are 8 new members of our team!)

Without any further adu, the additions to the 2007 Maya Road Design Team (with links to their 2Peas Galleries) are:

A huge congratulations to the new team members. I'm really looking forward to working with each of them next year!

To those who entered, but were not selected:
Please know that this decision does not guage your skill as an artist; nor does it make your work any less worth while. I would hope that the project(s) you created and submitted are something you personally love, enjoy, and treasure. Though in the end you may not have had the result you sought, but you do have something of value - if only of your time and of yourself. You are still valued, and so is your work!

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