Happy First Wedding Anniversary to Us!

I can’t believe it! Our first wedding anniversary has come! Not that I thought we wouldn’t make it, but when you’re planning your wedding, you don’t normally look towards your first anniversary. I remember looking forward to our first anniversary with a lot of anticipation because we would be sealed together as a couple – in many ways.

We spent our first anniversary as all newlyweds should – in bed! Actually it was on our airbed in the living room being lazy, watching tv, napping, and munching on delightfully tasty treats. We followed tradition and ate the top layer of our wedding cake. Amazingly enough it was tasty!

It’s been a fun, exciting, trying, testing, rewarding and learning year. We’ve had so much happen, we’ve worked on getting adjusted to each others living habits, we’ve had family move in and move out; there has been so much we’ve experienced over the last 12 months. I can’t wait too see what the next ones hold!

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SSgtBullsGirl said...

Heather & Steve,
Happy Anniversay!
Live - Laugh & Love everyday!
I'm glad your cake tasted good, when Eric and I cut in to our's (white cake with rasberry filling) the filling had well wine anyone?
Love ya
Le Anne