Artistic Pursuits and Bottlecaps

I love doing arsty stuff. I always have - probably always will (God willing that is). I found a really fun and creative group via Cari, and was able to join in on creativity they all posess. Right away I signed up for their altered "Flavors of Fall" bottlecap swap. Each person was to create/alter 29 bottlecaps with whatever represents the "flavors" of fall to them. It was such a fun project.

Of course, with our wedding anniversary being so close, it was parked on my mind. So, my bottlecaps had a wedding theme of sorts. Plus, I realized that almost all of the girls in my family were married in the fall/winter months. So, it's a natural think for me to think towards.

The photo is actually of one of the layers of bottle caps in the box I shipped them in. Well - in the second box. I sent the first set to a completely wrong zipcode and had to crank out a second one super fast. I'm glad they arrived - I can't wait to see the finished project!

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