Creativity in the Kitchen....

Of course, I couldn't stop myself from signing up for another Creative Underground swap. The theme for this project was "Hot Flashes from the Kitchen". The premise is that each artist will create one master apron using specified dimensions (4.5"x11") with a rectangle cut out of the top center. The front of the apron was to be decorated with whatever you chose. The back needed to have a recipe that could be created in a flash. Afterall, we're all artists and we'd rather be creating art than cooking in our kitchens (well, as you know - I love to do both!).

After the apron was finished 30 color copies had to be made, and then laminated (artists=messy cooks.... I can vouch for that one!). After they were laminated, then you punched holes in the top strips and had to send them off to the Creative Underground so that they could be matched up into albums and bound. Mine went postal last week - and I can't wait to see the final piece. Here's a little peek of them!

There are such creative women in this group - I am SO lucky that Cari tipped me off to them!

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