The thrill of getting a {great} deal...

It's no suprise to anyone who knows me, and certainly NO suprise to anyone who's been to my studio, that I'm a hoarder. Yes, it's true I hoard anything that could in any way be art or crafty related. I hear that it's genetic - Sheri's the same way.

I'm learning though, that there is an element of creative freedom when I clear out my hoards of items. It's given me a new task - be more creative with less. The suprising thing (to me anyway) is that I am more creative when I have less to work with. I've been giving this subject much thought over the last 6 months and even more over the last 60 days or so.

My dear and true friend, Heather, had decided to try her hand at an eBay venture, clearing out others "junk" and selling it on a consignment basis. And so it was that a division of "Gift Closet Creations" was created. So, she's been working dilligently to help me clear out my hoards - and I've been loving every minute of it. It's been so nice to have extra space in my room, and to be able to actually feel free to create rather than organize or tidy up the piles.

Heather has done remarkably well - and as a result I've passed the word of her services onto other scrapbookers (and non-scrapbooking friends) and they've taken advantage of it! It's been quite delightful to see her little business start to flourish and grow. I've, even more, enjoyed getting pay checks (well, let's be honest... it's more of a rebate. I don't expect to make the same money back as what I purchased some of the items for.) from time to time. If you're interested in having someone clear out your stash, check her out! And, of course, if you're interested in what she's selling for me, check it out here!

Granted, I still have piles of items - but they're much more manageable, and the only one I have is patterned paper and cardstock. I'm giving some thought to reorganizing my current method of storing them. So, what's the point of taking the time to put them away by manufacturer, if I'm going to be moving them around in the near future? :)

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