New Header, New Me...

Do you ever sit back and just ponder the things that have happened over the course of your life, and thought about how the little things (and the big things too) have shaped you into who you are today? Have you looked back at who you were at a certain timepoint, and compared it with who you are today?

I've been doing a lot of that lately.

I've been thinking back to who I was when I lived in, or more specifically when I left, Ohio. It was a pretty emotionally charged and turbulent time for me. Interestingly though, I am considerably different now than who I was then, or even who I was a year before I moved from Ohio to Texas. Not just mentally or emotionally either - I'm physically a different person too.

So many things have changed in my life since then. Many of the friendships and relationships I had during that time, have gone to the wayside (some by choice, some not). Some of the friendships I had then, I still have now but in a different capacity (Hi Michelle!).

Although I was a creative person then, my creative path has taken a different direction.

There are SO many thoughts running through my mind, and trying to piece them together into a coherent post is going to take some time.

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