A Honkin' Huge Congratulations!!

I grew up living as part of the overall military community due to my father's career choice, serviing our country in the Air Force. As a result, I came to appreciate the service that many men and women give to our country, and the service that they give to others on behalf of our country. While I may not agree with the choices our government makes from time to time regarding our military servicemen and women, I always and wholeheartedly support those who chose to serve.

I have many friends who are currently serving our country. Daryl, the friend who was in town for Steve's birthday dinner, is just one of them. My dear friend, Daryl, is being promoted to Captain today. I am so proud of him - and for him! He's been to Iraq and spends an incredible amount of time traveling, taking care of military business. If we had planned better, I would have traveled out to my old hometown/area of Dayton, Ohio to be a part of the celebration. But, alas, we didn't. So here's my shout out to you, dude! Congratulations!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Heather-what a nice post and tribute to the men and women that serve overseas. I really really miss Todd :) And...drum roll please...I am coming to see you!!! I am officially GASC bound!