Answers for questions...

I had a few questions that were either emailed to me, or posted in the comments section. So, I figured I'd go ahead and respond! Fancy that!

Jessica asked "Heather,Can I ask where you ordered your wishblade from?ThanksJess "

I purchased my WishBlade from Tamara Joyce-Wylie at the Colleyville Scrapbook Warehouse. They don't carry the WB, but did place a special order for me (and a few of my friends). It took quite a while to come in, and from what I understand, if you placed an order today, Xyron would ship sometime late June or early July. There's a LOT of demand for these fantastic puppies!

If you're seriously considering purchasing a WishBlade, let me know. As a Xyron Preferred Instructor and Designer, I am able to purchase products from Xyron at a discount. I may be able to save you a few bucks! I would have done it for myself, but I had an insane amount of product credit at the Warehouse. I'd rather use that than cash!

Joanne asked "Is it hard to use the WishBlade? I'm not a computer whiz."

It wasn't hard AT ALL. My brother in law would tell you I'm a computer idiot (but he's young, and WRONG). I was able to load the software, set up the machine, and after reading a few directions and making a few navigation mistakes, have my first item cut out in less than 30 minutes. It really wasn't hard at all. There are a BUNCH of Yahoo!Groups out there and at least one of them has an iNCREDIBLE tutorial that the group moderator put together. It makes learning the features of the WishBlade a breeze!

Sarah asked "Where do you get the free graphics and fonts you're talking about? I don't want to pay for a bunch of stuff if I can get it for free - or for less money."

There are OODLES of websites out there with free fonts. Dingbat fonts (fonts with shapes, characters and other fun graphics) are also readily available. Many other WishBlade users are more than willing to share the cutting patterns/creations the've made too. Do a google search on "free fonts" to find a bunch of sites with free downloadables!

And the best one yet.....

Emily asked "Heather, I'm worried. What would I do if the power went out? I can use my QuicKutz without power - and it doubles as a club."

Emily, if the power goes out - and you're scrapbooking - you need to join a 12 Step program solely for scrapbooking. You are probably the only person I could imagine would be able to scrapbook by candlelight. And the club issue? Keep the handle if you must.... PLUS.. you can use it to close those nifty Making Memories metal rimmed tags. Please give some thought to that 12 Step Program though... :)

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