Have you ever felt pressure to create the perfect layout? A layout that is completely original? One that no one else has ever created before? A layout that is completely different from ANYONE elses? If you're anything like me, you've felt that way.

Reality is though, it's next to impossible to create something that is 100% new. Actually, I think it is completely impossible. Why have I held myself up to that kind of standard? It's taken a lot of fun out of creating, and has added an incredible level of stress. For years, I've felt like when I did layouts, it had to be completely original. Do you know how many layouts I've created over the last 2 years? Less than a dozen. Seriously. I'll go home and double check, but it's probably less than 12. However, I have created oOODLES of paper crafting items or altered items. They are SO fun and easy for me. I really enjoy creating them - and the freedom I give myself to create.

So, after MUCH thought, I've given up. Well not really given up - but given myself permission. That's right! I have given myself permission to scraplift if I feel like it. I have a handy notebook that I started sketching in - and it's been SO freeing for me. If I see something that inspires me to create a layout, I sketch it into the book to use later. If I see a layout that I think is uber cool - and I want to make one like it, I sketch it into the book. It's SO freeing! I am SO loving it!

That being said, I find that with the permission I've given myself, I feel free-er to create. I may not be scraplifting, but I might create a layout and then later realize it looks a bit like someone elses. But you know what? It's okay. I'm okay with it. I am freeing myself from stressing out about it. It's okay. Even DaVinci was inspired by others work from time to time!

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