What's in Your.....

There's a fun list running around Blog world. Normally, you're tagged to answer. I wasn't tagged, but I am answering them anyway!

What's In your Frig?
1% Milk

Orange Juice
Pot of Chili
Bag of wilting salad
Sugar Free/Fat Free Yogurt
Oodles of miscellaneous seasonings and dressings

What's in your Closet?
One dresser, and two sets of huge Sterilite Drawers.
Clothes that fit and clothes that don't.
Pile of clothes that I need to move over to the eBay closet.
Hanging organizer of sweaters (that probably won't fit next fall/winter)

A couple of pairs of bling shoes that I REALLY want to find something cool to wear with!

What's in your DVD Player?
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
LDS General Conference
Rent (yes, it's been rented again. Really... I should just buy it!)
Sex in the City - Seasons 1 & 2. (Must get seasons 3-6!)

What's in your car?
Bottles of water
Bottles of Isopure Protein Drink (Grape Flavor).
Luxotica RayBan Sunglasses (from Mexico baby!)
Tom's expensive RayBans (let's see how long it takes him to find them)
A couple of sweatshirts
Cell phone charger and headset
Magic Scraps bracelet
Hair elastics
Various mail I need to read or trash

What's in your purse?
Franklin Covey Black leather purse
Franklin Covey Planner (seriously, i'm lost without it)
Franklin Covey Wallet
iPod Shuffle
Dozens of keys
Emergency feminine products
Sketch book

I really need to get a fun purse. I need more color in my life!

What's in your ______________??

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