Catching Up...

Wow... how time flies when you're... WORKING! :) There are so many things I want to post about, but it would make one heck of a long post. I'll try to do a few summaries...

1. Steve and I have been talking about selling the Roanoke house because of the community expansion projects that will soon be underway. Currently, we get about 2500 cars each day on our road - yes EVERY day. The planners are projecting that we'll have at least 4500 each day once the developing gets solidly underway (6months - 1 year). We really don't want to live on a street with that much traffic - especially with small children (NO, I'm not pregnant. We're thinking forward).

2. My new job is great! The commute... is NOT. Seriously... NOT. We're talking 1.5 - 2 hours EACH way depending on traffic. Seriously, the commute SUCKS. However, on May 26th my office will relocate to Westlake, TX , to an office park that is less than 10 miles from the house. So, I guess the "No pain, No gain" theroy works.

3. Steve's birthday is coming up next week. We're having a BBQ at the house with some of his friends and family. Thomas' birthday is this Friday.

4. Speaking of Friday, I'm traveling to Waco, TX, to attend Teresa Collins' Junkitz class. Does anyone want to come with me? My awesome friend was going to come with, but due to circumstances needed to back out. The other friend who was going to take her place, didn't ask for the time off before she agreed to come with me, and can't come. SO, I have another ticket/spot in the class. It's $45. If you want the kit, and can't come, we can work something out. Theresa is a great instructor - you'll have a great time!

5. The last weekend in May and every weekend in June is going to be jam packed. Check this out...
  • Memorial Day Weekend - Rowley family reunion in Utah.
  • 1st weekend in June - Sheri's birthday party in Oregon AND Jaime's high school graduation in Texas.
  • 2nd weekend in June - Chris & Cara's wedding AND the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington.
  • 3rd weekend in June - Kimberlee's high school graduation in California.

Seriously, talk about jam packed. With being a new empl0yee, in a new department, with a new company, I don't know how much time off I can take. Each trip might be a fly in Friday night (or Saturday morning if I can't get on a flight) and out on Sunday morning/afternoon. Talk about serious air time!

6. I cropped at the Colleyville Scrapbook Warehouse on Saturday night. I had a LOT of fun with the ladies there. They crop EVERY Wednesday afternoon, and ALL DAY every Saturday. Talk about dedication! I can't even pack my stuff up enough to think about a cropping schedule like that!

7. Bekki and her children are in New Mexico visiting my parents. They're visit is/was for about a week or so. SO jealous! The kids are SO cute...especially Ainsley. She's ADORABLE. I'd love to have them live closer!

8. Steve and I are REALLY focused on our "debt free" plan. We're SO close. With a little perseverance and sacrifice, we can be there in no time. SO excited about the possibilities!

9. Okay, so seriously.... we've decided (well, it changes for Steve at least on a daily basis) that we are NOT selling the house. To buy a new house, we'd have to get a mortgage. We don't have one now. In order to be debt free, it would be SO much better to just wait it all out and see what happens in 5 years. We'll be 100% debt free, and will have our savings built up beyond where we "have" to be. So, if Steve talks to you about it.... we're NOT selling the house. :)

10. Spent some time finishing up my PaperBella kit #4. LOVE the book. It's SO cute. Can't wait to put it to use.

11. Did a few projects for the Magic Scraps May Magicians Circle. Love how they turned out. I used a few photos from my McAllen trip - and they just make me smile. LOVE that.

12. Am seriously pondering taking classes at GASC in Arlington on Saturday morning ONLY. Anyone else going?

13. Am in LOVE with this project and the whole concept behind it. What a great way to help someone out. I've made my donation... think about making one for yourself. You're not just helping a great cause, you're getting a chance to win a one of a kind creation made FOR you.

14. I'm also planning to support this cause. Every little donation can make a huge difference in the big picture. Think about sacrificing your gourmet coffee or cokes for a week. A little amount each day adds up in the big picture!

15. Finally... I think this is finally... a HUGE congrats to my friend Emily Adams for being added to the Design Team for Imagination Project. I can't wait to see her stuff!

Have a great day,

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SSgtBullsGirl said...

OK - SOOOOO excited you are going to Arlington now! Have not seen that cute lil face in a year! I'm taking SaraBinders and both Heidi Swapp classes. Congrads on the debt free, Eric and I are soooo close too! Can't wait to see you, email me and I'll give you cell # so we can hook up for pictures!
Le Anne